Do Parents Understand?

The globe is full of kids,
Many w/o a home but you want one of your own
What about them?
You want one that looks like you
walks like you
talks like you
and carries your bloodline.
Forgetting all these traits mean nothing when equated to love
And they need love the most
So what about them?
How quickly it is to forget about them
Till they rise like roses
Starring you in the eyes asking why
Why recreate what was already here
Do parents understand?


And you cop a ‘tude cuz i wont slow down for you
Not even knowin what it feels like to live accelerated
Confined by your comforts, too afraid to let loose
You’ll never go supersonic¬†
i sense more than you i move more than you
im basically more than you
But you wanna get mad cuz lightning won’t confine itself
For you
Kinetic till my dying day and then some
Existing long after my body decays
Hoverin over grave
Still accelerated

Free the Truth

If your style is made of truth
You should share it
Truth yearns to be free

W!ld unlike its brother lie
Who exists confined behind orchestrated fables
Freeing truth causes its brother to send disciples
Whose job is to catch n contain
You know em when you see em
They communicate in silence using violence
To enforce the will of lie
But truth is so w!ld
The beautiful bitch that refuses to die
Infecting every host with the holy of its ghost
Cursing them too with a yearning to be free
That’s why when in doubt i follow me
And if you are like me
You follow you cuz u know the truth
You just ain’t w!ld enough to admit it

Gender Neu

Yes be afraid cause im good at what i do
Which means bad business for you
But only if you’re an enemy of the truth

The truth is PWR manifest
And you’re wise to fear it
If you fight for anything less
You’re an enemy of mine
And im the type that feels loved
By the heat of battle
Not Xena but my abilities are xenos
Crossin boundaries
Between warrior and princess
Settling at


The thunders spoke to me in sonar
Booming n crackling
Pounding n plucking

They forced my sol to cypher
Higher and higher
Till i lost consciousness
In effect regaining consciousness
But on a higher plateau
Where gravity is nonexistent
Hues bleeding together 
And time becomes transfixed
When i returned home
Nothing seemed the same
 Because i had changed
Once again in tune with the brothers of balance
Who share a space in my room