Fighting Black Bird

Little, black bird it’s okay to cry
To be betrayed
You’ll find is common in life
And I’ve heard your songs
From miles away
Only because you’re strong

But these skies are deadly
Full of wasps and dangerous medley
When stung its
Enough to kill your melody
If u let it, but you wont
Only because you’re strong

The venom will stay inside you but only
For a moment
So own that moment
When you feel low fly high
All the way up till you breech the sky
And as your wings start to buckle
Muscles collapsing from the hustle
Of it all

Rest easy black bird
The winds will guide your fall
Pick a current, any current
Then coast

Matriarch City: 5th Wave

After Daddy’s death
We knew the lore we read as girls were true
Cuz we made them so
We shed our old names and with them
The past that tied us to them
We adopted the names of the heroines of herstory
And with it their spirit of PWR
We hit every bordello in the city
Gave the workers a chance at freedom
By helping to establish a new society
Accessible only by the concrete river
Of an underground railway
This is the legend of the 5th Wave
That rippled through it
The wave that won


Matriarch City: 4th Wave

So it was I that took initiative
Late one night while Daddy was fucking
I cupped his nuts
Puckered my lips
And stabbed his fucking heart
The plan we practiced fell to the wayside
Spilling Daddy’s blood
Making Daddy squeem
Was the only instruction needed
Like kitties regaining pride
Feral lionesses
My sisters pounced
Sinking metal fangs into his flesh
Till Daddy was painted red


Matriarch City: 1st Wave

They say the world was once ruled by creatures
Of strength, wisdom, and compassion
They called these creatures women
But no one ever told us about our past
Instead kept hidden
So as to be easier to control
It was the elders that first taught us
Their sols immortalized by the literature they left us
About who we were, are, and have the potential to be
And it was a man
That gave us our first taste
Of liberty
After we carved it from his flesh