Yo. So, don’t tell anyone but

Your smile is sincerely sweet with a splash of deviant tang

Your voice and the sound it makes when you laugh is the embodiment of cute

Your eyes glimmer with flashes of ferocity

Your body movements are ninja like a cat

Your spirit burns with the passion of a phoenix

A creature as wild as you I know i’d be a fool to try and tame

So instead Im enjoying the moment for as long as it lasts

And Im not a lover boy nor the marrying type

But Id like to rob banks with you

And explore all the mysteries the night has to offer

Under the glow of the moon


I taught you everything I know about the dark. So that if I ever lost control, you’d know how to kill me. But when the time came you couldn’t pull the trigger. Your eyes blinded by what used to be. Unable to face the tragedy standing at the end of the barrel. 

Death Becomes Him

How Can I explain this?

Put it in words…it’s like

I live my entire life walking in your shoes

Surfing the waves of your emotions

But I’m good at it now

Had my whole life to practice

But every now and then you meet a big kahuna

Wipe out

And no matter how strong you think you are

Everyone flails when you’re stranded in the ocean

Of emotions

And you’ll do anything to stay alive

Clinging to nostalgic memories like driftwood to stay afloat

And then there are those who drown

Sinking under the weight of themselves (+) others

When submerged


Drippin like molasses

Unbearable torture

So you forget about the pain

Learn to feel numb

Spiraling deeper down the drain

Until death becomes him

Forbidden Fantasy

You attack me daily

Labelin me crazy

And it makes me feel sad

But I can’t complain

Cuz then I’ll be a bitch

No choice but to bite my lip

If you only had a dick

Or maybe I a vagi

Your tongue would bathe in blood


“Sumthin to Lose”

i saw her for the first time

From head to toe drabbed in black

When i was a young man

They preached to me

Said that she was to be feared

So i grew up most of my life believing

She, the enemy

But that dress fit just rite

From ‘cross the room

Our eyes flirted which led to a dance

As the room spun i told her my name

But she claimed she knew me

Since my first breath

She had always been there

Watching me

From a distance

We even met before


When i was young

But i couldnt remember

So she told me of our adventures

And the scent of her words clung to my nostrils like sex

i just wanted to grab her hand so we could flee

But as i reached out she pulled away

Told me “another time, when i had sumthin to lose”

So every night since that night

I search for her

Deep sea diving inside my dome

I dance to our playlist

The soundtrack we created together

In preparation for our next date

Creating as much as i can

Living as hard as i can

So that I can acquire some things

To lose