i Also Enjoy Dogs

i wonder if weather women enjoy poetry?
You know
Like how the earth enjoys the rain
Or how Jamaica loves Spain
Just random thoughts clouding my brain
But speaking of rain wish you would
Down upon me
Just joking
You don’t even know me yet


Just Business

You Atlantians and you’re shit way of doing business
It’s down right DISGUSTING
Back in my day, the late 80s
When one man wanted to do business with another
He wouldn’t call him on the phone
Or send him a text message
He’d get his ass up
Meet his partner face to face
Look him deep in the eyes
DEEP so you can see his entire essence staring back
And know for sure if he’s human
You’d then set your terms
Finalizing it with a hand shake
Then you’d take a shot of whisky and
Punch that mother fucker in the FACE
So you can see the type of stock he’s made of

Yella Banners

Van Gogh would be my ninja turtle name
If i was one
i know many of you were thinking Picasso
But no, i’m more of a starry night individual
No never been to Saint-Remy
But i did some time in Peachford
Even though i do agree
“Everything you can imagine is real”
So i dream of film making and then film my dreams
So when you see me
Say my name say my name
Van Gogh
When i see you bet you
im’a make you say my name
Say my name