Debate of Elephant and Dokey and Star Eagle who Governed from Above

In the time before man rose to dominance.
Earth was ruled by the beasts.
Steadfast stallions galloped the plains.
Dastardly dolphins skipped the seas and
Skies were full of murder.
It was a season of purity.
A time of myth and legend.
It was the age of Tooth and Claw.

The Fuck Shit Setup

Like i said man, its a setup
Make employment hard
For the working class
Make good condoms
(unaffordable) expensive af
So common man got no choice
But preggo & disease
All these MDs
Just pimps with degrees

Wish more people organized
With they free time
‘Stead of fuckin
We’d get cheaper condoms
Cheaper healthcare
Cheaper everything
But mulfuckas be on sum fuck shit
All night long

Dear Mr. Hightower

Earlier today while doing some Spring cleaning with my Pa, i stumbled upon some of my antiqutated journals. Randomly opening the page to a tattered, black, book, its spine held together only by ligaments of string, i found a heart felt letter i am compelled to share. To anyone listening. This letter means a lot to me because they are the words of my friend who is no longer here with me. He wasn’t that great at writing but i was so i helped him uut on paper the words he hed in his heart.

Dear Steve Harvey,

My name is Cantrell. I am a student at Stephenson Middle School.I am in the 8th grade and going to the 9th next year. I was listening to the radio one day when I heard you talking about Tavis Smiley and Cornel West.

The conversation confused me cuz I like all 3 of you guys and don’t understand why you guys are fighting each other. It hurts me to see the man I grew up knowing as Mr. Hightower at odds with other strong, positive, intelligent black men who I discovered in y teen years like Dr. Cornel West.

I know that you have millions of fans & you’ll never see this letter but I really hope you do because while most kids had dads, I didn’t. Watching your show as a kid helped instill in me the ethics & respect I needed to become a man. In a way, you were like the father I never had.

One day I hope to meet you in person to shake your hand and tell you how much of an inspiration you’ve been to me but until then, my birthday wish today is for all the black men role models to stop fighting each other and unite like Puff & Snoop did on your show. To show the younger generation how its done.

-Cantrell Stevenson

On Surnames as a Brands

While researching my history the other day, a thought occured to me. If surnames were used as brands for slavers to “ID” their slaves, in a hypothetical situation similar to that of the short story “Space Traders” from the book “Faces At The Bottom of The Well” by Derrick Bell; if a reignig corporation/nation/body of PWR did indeed decide to offer a particular undesirable class of human up for sale as commodities to a foriegn/domestic buyer; in this specific scenerio humans being of Ethiopian descent…would traditional European surnames, kept alive by the descendants of those held in bondage, be used to “ID” former claims of ownership?

Meaning, if in some parrallelogram (lol) universe, chattel slavery (not the prison industrial complex kind we currently have) was reinstated and as an African American or person of Ethiopian descent, your last name being Robertson…Could former slave masters use their wealth and influence in combination with legal policy to reclaim you as their property since your wearing your surname as their brand?