He Doesn’t Like You Like That

The worst thing a (wo)man can do to a woman
Is convince her a Man A likes her
When Man A doesn’t really
This only lead to more trouble for Man A
When Woman A discovers the truth
Even though Man A had nothing to do with it
Woman A should get mad at the (wo)man
Who originally crafted the tale BUT
i guess that would take too much integrity


Blame it on the

i have a problem guys
An addiction to be exact
Like a broken faucet
Flow keeps goin, no stops
Getting worse with age
Began with integrity now
i’ll take it any way i can
On a bus, sidewalk
In between shifts inside
Public lavatory stalls
Terminally illin and
No cures in sight
(Except the love of a boss bitch but
Dem only love money, crazy right?)
Doomed to live this life
It’s all your fault
Why do you do this to me
You always ruin everything
Why can’t you just-
i’m talking to YOU


A woman passed me by
(Or was it an angel?)
Taking a seat behind me
Southbound, Marta train
i kept glancing back
Her face
So familiar
A sister lost
In an historical haze
i shoved the notion aside
That it could be her
This was a clone, close but
Not the original
(Although that septum kiddo
This person looked much too young
Couldn’t get the woman out of my head
(Or was it an angel?)

An East Point Tale Trios

Met a king once
Standing a top a castle
Only a boy but
His PWR soared above us all
We could only look up in awe
Two of heaven’s Maddest Angels
Reigning over Atmosphere and Ocean
Kneeling to the king of Neely Avenue
If i was a coach i would invest
If i was a teacher i would test
i am a God so i blessed
Guided correctly his reign could extend
Beyond avenues to mountain tops
Towering over us all
Neo Timbuktu

There Can Be Only UNO

i really wish i could take you with me
Its just still too early
Realistically we wouldn’t work
My style is too wild
Yours more conservative
And i get it
i used to live there too
A long time ago
But ever since
i’ve grown accustomed to the solo life
Nothing lasts forever right?


Tienanmen Square to Atlanta Capital
Monks and Soldiers
Veterans of this game we play
Pray i don’t become prey
To the bullet of an oppressor
i am not a cheetah
i cannot outrun them
But if i were to fall
Pray my soul shines ablaze
Burning indefinitely
Warmth for the isolated ones
Pocketing frozen hearts
Theirs and also
Maybe a wife maybe a mother
Father, sister, or brother
Burn for them those who
Carry the extra load
Till the job is done