You and I
We’ve grown closer overtime
We continue to grow
Our love began a burning ember
That continued to burn till
And even when they tried to convince you otherwise
Your belief in me never waned
Keep on trottin my dog soldier
And lead like u always have before
Not by preachin
Just by living life

John Oliver, I love you.

Originally posted on Nuclear Rays From My Halogen Haze:

I know this is an old episode, but there have been so many good ones, and I don’t have cable, so I was unaware of it.

Thank you, John Oliver, for saying that our prison system is broken. Thank you for saying that prison rape, and “drop the soap” jokes, are tired and cruel and silly and unacceptable.

And thank you for keeping it up with similar messages. I was so moved by the clip above that I had to check out Oliver’s most recent show. I was not disappointed by this one, about the ridiculousness of municipal fines for tiny little infractions, and how the fees on those services can snowball into a world of fuckedness:

I’ve recently been unemployed, for the first time basically since 2001 (give or take a week here and there in 2012 and 2013 when I got laid off and then hired within…

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Must be hard
Owning no skill to call your own
Hopping from host to host
Mistaking love with
He who spends the most
You try hard to mask it
Against my eyes your lies fall short
Learn a talent grab a hobby
Don’t live your whole life a leech
Shit, fuck.

Next Time

Hello there old friend
We don’t chill anymore
But im glad to know you’re alive
(Hopefully doin well)
You’ve got your life
I’ve got mine
A reunion, I admit
Would feel awkward after all this time
But maybe its all in my head
Why do you always have to be right

Funny Fucks

I love the sound of your voice
Your laugh gives me crazy chills
So much i recline and replay you
Over and over
Everytime the thought of you runs through my mind
You look sexier each time
That’s my bad
Im workin YOU out
It’s true my digits never dressed you down
But i bet the giggle match the drapes
For me a sneak preview
Of the moan your mouth makes
As im munchin
Your laughter penetratin my ear
That’s right we fuckin

Buttered Rolls

Art is my appetizer
Action is her meat
The pics R jst appeasin me
Mere distractions
As we await our feast
Its been a while

Been coolin
At the kiddie table
For a min

Our great Father
And his friends
Hoggin all the spaces

But our vision gettin stronger
We see em slippin
Don’t mind me
Just observin