I Might Have a Problem


Last night while hanging with the fellas there was nothing to do so to battle boredom we went to Kroger. My friends were about the beer but I was about the munchies. After getting back to the pad we all gathered round the futon and indulged in conversation. I’m not a big drinker and I usually frown on alcohol as a whole. Not because I have some philosophical belief against it but because every time I’m presented with a drink it tastes like dime store Robitussin. I’m not a believer of the “acquired state” philosophy. If it tastes like shit then I’m not drinking it.

But back to the subject, I had just finished a huge bag of peppered beef jerky and my mouth was craving liquid to soothe the drought. Since all the dishes were dirty my only option was to crack open a bottle. Lucky for me we had a shipment of Mike’s Hard Lemonade so I grabbed one of those and began guzzling. Just to remind you, I’m not a big drinker so by the time I finished the bottle my mellow was on high. It was at this moment that I finally understood why people became alcoholics. It feels fucking fantastic.

Now the problem began the following morning because when I woke up I instantly craved more of that shit. I had to will power myself into eating an apple and calming my ass down. Even after a very successful workout, (that’s a blog for another time), as soon as I stepped back into the house the craving returned. I feel like this may be the beginning to a horrible future.


2 responses to “I Might Have a Problem

  1. Nice post. Just remember: beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, in the clear. And since you’re an alcoholic now I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other… online rants, park benches, strip clubs and whatnot. Happy holidays!

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