Why Don’t College Kids Use Wash Cloths?


Suds mutha fucka!

When I left home and ventured into the college life, I was hit with a lot of culture clash. Most of which I’ve been able to handle but some things still irk me. One of these things is the inability for college students to own wash cloths. Maybe it’s just me but where I come from (the streets) people use wash cloths to scrub their asses. For those people that think it’s ok to just use soap and nothing else, let me tell you now, it’s NOT ok.

For one it’s disgusting for everyone else that has to use the same bar of soap. I constantly have to think about the last place you washed and the first place I wash and change my bathing methods accordingly. Two, you don’t get the same scrubbing power from a bar of soap that you would from a wash cloth. Wash cloths have been scientifically engineered to have micro scrubbers and other shit like that that get all into the crevices and depths of dat ass.

And what if you have guests? What are your guests going to use to bathe themselves if you don’t have a healthy supply of towels and wash cloths? Am I too refined or are people just slobs?


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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