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Next, and this step is very important, read this topic like sex,

in one full motion, one dynamic thrust, don’t stop.

Under no circumstances DON’T STOP.


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The sun rises from the east, it’s ultra violent rays stretching upwards, stabbing the atmosphere ever so gently. A boy-no-a man crouches on the ground below. The cold, lifeless, pavement reminds him where he is. THE STREETS- the most dangerous habitat known to man. But this man has known these streets his entire life and a few incarnations before that. A hawk shrieks from above and like clockwork, his American heart begins to beat. Faster and faster until he is no longer motionless but trucking through every atom the troposphere can throw at him. Moving faster and faster the world around him is nothing but a blur. His thighs and his calves propel him forward but his heart pumps a steady stream of blood, empowering him to reach speeds previously thought unimaginable. The recycled winds of a million millenniums-that’s right, a million- flow through his mane, soothing him when he tires but pushing him when he needs it the most. Up the stairs he marches, the man made mountain taunts him with every step. Almost to the top, his lungs begin to burn. He ignores it, knowing full well the current pain is nothing compared to the pain of defeat. He is running on “e” now. The sounds of his pants, grunts, and moans are the lyrics to his theme song. A song that can only be expressed through the soul. With one final step he propels himself vertically and mounts the wild beast that was the staircase, taming it for all future generations. Do you know this pain? Do you know this pleasure? Rise up from your couches! Cast thine eyes away from the deathly, luminescent, glow of your mac books. The time for action is now! Can’t you hear it? With every car honk, every dog bark, the streets are calling! Will you answer the call? It’s okay if you don’t recognize the number PICK UP THE PHONE!


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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