Televison…You must be stopped.

Please don’t let your children watch too much tv. As a kid I was practically raised by my tv. The Ninja Turtles taught me how to throw my first punch. Rocky Balboa taught me what it was to be a man, and Sailor Moon taught me how to love. The Power Rangers, well, they gave me my greatest skill of all time. Through them I learned how to properly pose before, during, and after each fight. And don’t even get me started on monologuing and the fact that I still laugh maniacally everytime I commit an evil deed.


As an ambassder of my people, im begging you, please, please, please, don’t let your kids grow up brainwashed by their tv as well. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like had I not been exposed to all this stupid shit on tv. Maybe my life would have been different, maybe I could have been a normal person.

I guess its not all so bad. At least I’m at the point now where I know that I’m brainwashed and can take steps to change my thoughts before I convert them into actions. In this respect I can fight my condition and make some sort of a stand against stupidity. Others are not as fortunate as I. Some people are brain washed and don’t even know it. Going through life spreading their stupidity like a virus. It always hurts me more when I see these people have children.

I wish there was a cure for this but I guess like all other mental diseases there’s no real cure, just treatment. Like a recovering alcoholic I have to fight it each day and never let it get the better of me. Sometimes I just want to let myself go and scream KAKAROTOOOOOOOOO at the top of my lungs but I know actions like that are only feeding the beast within. I can only hope that in time I can bury this ailment deeper into my subconscious folder of repressed thoughts. Right up there with the time I got pantsed in high school.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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