The Boy Who Ran

Author’s Note: Not done with this one yet. I just thought about it on the fly while riding the train and it’s still in the rough phase so hopefully I can smooth out some of the inconsistencies soon.


An insolent spoiled child was he.

Taking everything life had to offer for granted.

He never learned the art of appreciation so he never appreciated the love his family gave him

The first chance he got the Boy ran away from home.

And ran hard he did, missing opportunities and breaking hearts along the way.

Many times he stumbled but he refused to stop.

Instead of fixing the problems that anchored him down mentally, he allowed them to drag behind him.

What he didn’t realize was that no matter how fast he ran, the problems would continue to drag him down until at last, he could not move.

Paralyzed by his grief, he had no other choice but to turn around and unhook the anchors.

To his astonishment, his problems had grown so large that they transformed themselves into demons.

From every direction the demons attacked him, ripping his pride to shreads.

What became of the boy I do not know.

He seemed to disappear forever.

Shortly thereafter, a man appeared from out of the blue

Backwards through the boy’s past the man traveled, watering the brdiges the boy left burning along the way.

Until finally, he arived at the boy’s family home

For years the man traveled unrecognized but his family recognized him immediatley.

He was the boy that screamed when he didn’t get his way, the boy that kept his sister in isolation for years, the boy that besmirched his parents at every chance

Here was that same boy who lived deep in the soul of the man now standing

His family hugged him dearly and welcomed him home

Fore their unappreciative child was now morally upstanding.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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