So…Have You Fucked Her Yet?

Ahhh. What guy hasn’t heard this quote? If you’re a woman reading this then maybe this one is new to you so just sit tight and enjoy the ride. It seems like when ever I’m hanging out with a fairly attractive young lady and my male friends and I coincidentally run into each other, they see us and then it’s like a trigger goes off in their brains which prompts them to ask me whether or not i’ve fucked her yet.

Now this is annoying on so many levels. Usually because when they ask, they don’t even wait to ask at a proper place where no one can hear them. They just whisper loudly into your ear thinking no one else can hear them. Not only does this make you look like a classless bum but then it also puts me in the drivers seat of shame because now I have to try my best to disown any sort of relationship we ever had as friends because if not then I too by default become the same type of classless bum that you are. Above all I feel angry because this is my friend and you’ve just dehumanized her into some sort of sexual object.

While we’re on the subject, I’m equally annoyed by every guy at the Marta station that asks me the question “Is that yours” when I’m there with a friend that wasn’t born with a y chromosome. Lol. Like if I said no, would you sweep her off her feet or something? Show some class dude, it’s just not gonna happen.


2 responses to “So…Have You Fucked Her Yet?

  1. lol I can almost relate with that except I usually don’t get hit with the first question.
    I have got the question “Eh….is that you?” by random people that see me standing next or talking to a female. I always just kinda laugh and think to myself, “Is that really all women are to you?”

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