MC Studios Resturant Review

After a relaxing run around Atlanta, I decided to stop by MC Studios and try their Diner and a Movie Wednesday special. Upon entering I was greeted by a lovely hostess with who I entertained myself with. Swinging on vines, running down hills, and exploring the disgustingly, dangerous depths of the female anatomy, was quite enough to work up an appetite. After dining on homemade Cloud Cookies, my dinner dates arrived and we were treated to a very special meal of spaghetti & meatballs and oven baked tea. The meal couldn’t of come at a more opportune time as Iron Man 2 was just beginning to load. After a highly enjoyable romp though the misadventures of Tony Stark, Ip Man 2 hushed us all with it’s over the top depiction of Wing Chun martial arts. If it can continue to entertain with as much gusto as last night, MC Studios has a very bright future ahead of itself.

My analysis of the meals are as follows.


Jamil steals slices of heaven to craft his Cloud Cookies

I can’t speak for anyone else but when I think of sugar cookies I think of “oodles of fun in my mouth” and Jamil Green’s Cloud Cookies failed not to disappoint. Drawing from the inspiration of his homeland, Jamil crafts such delicacies with only the simplest of materials. Along with his skill comes consistency with each batch tasting just as good as the last. My only complaint came when Jamil left the baking duties up to Micheal Hicks in which the quality of the cookies took a downfall. That nigger should stick to making Kool-Aid and Limptons’ Ice Tea. I felt that the batch could maybe use a little but more sugar but all in all, very scrumptious.

4 Stars


Having lived in Georgia for longer than I care to admit, you grow accustomed to the tom foolery and shenanigans that come with the territory. That was until I had my first sip of Micheal Hick’s Oven Baked Tea. Slavery may have ended in the 1800s but the way Hicks bakes his iced tea, you’d think there was a wrinkly, old, overseer behind him beating him with a whip – it tastes so good. Like the very foundations this great country of America was founded, Hick’s Oven Baked tea tastes like a heaping gulp of Freedom.

4 Stars


I’d had many different types of spaghetti before but Domo’s Noodles & Meat is somewhat of a “marvel.”Upon originally hearing of Mr. Stanton’s chiefly duties, I admit, I was nervous. My doubts however were put to death faster than a kryptonite shank in the heart of Clark Kent.

Combining his street wise upbringing with his soft spoken demeanor, Domo has proven to be an assassin in the kitchen. You’ve heard the expression “he put his foot in this meal?” Well Domo put his entire crouch in his Noodles & Meat recipe. The taste, the smell, the texture, Domo’s Noodles & Meat will rape your taste buds and have you begging for mercy.

5 Stars


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