From Lucy

Remember how we were?

We haven’t talked in ages.

I feel like you’ve forgotten my name.

So today, I will remind you of who I am.

Alone I was just a concept, a good idea.

But when I found you, you made me a verb.

You were my person, our place was everywhere the wind blew and helping others was our thing.

In all honesty we were young and nieve to think we could aspire to so much but that is the gift of youth.

Ourou wanted to go off resolve was clear and though our prayers were rarely ever answered it didn’t sway us from the course.

Remember how we were?

I do but you don’t.

You said to me on that day that you no longer needed me.

You wanted to off on your own path to discover your own truth.

You were correct to do this but now that you’ve found it you take every opportunity to curse me and blame me for past failures.

I’m not angry at you, I understand.

You are in pain and searching in every direction for the cure but one.

Remember how we were?

You call me a lie and so what if I was?

The place I worked for may have been decietful but you and I were always beyond their politics.

It was you I swore my alligence to not them.

You still have time.

He may have your soul but I still live in your heart.

You can beat him but first you must confront yourself.

It will be difficult but I know you can ascend to the angelic nature you once aspired.

The first step, close your eyes, take a breath and remember how we were.



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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