Wolves of Lunacy: Chapter 2: Fall of the First

The Ibex smelled of corrosion and death yet all who approached him were compelled to obey. Within a few days the ibex gained a following and began to preach new concepts never before thought of. He instilled within them that the separate tribes that had existed for all times was wrong. Ibex suggested a single, unified, tribe would improve everyone’s way of life. In this new kingdom “no animal would ever go hungry,” the Ibex promised. Ibex knew a tribe of this magnitude would need a king to be appointed thus he appointed himself.

There was one tribe however that was unswayed by the Ibex and his ideologies. This was the the tribe of the Luna Wolves. Supernaturally empowered by the glow of the moon, the Luna Wolves were one of the wisest tribes in Plenty.  Their chief Proto was said to have been wiser even than the owls who were the keepers of wisdom. The Ibex knew that if he could control the tribes of Luna, Plenty would fall into his hooves so he ventured into the domain of the wolves.

Impressed by the courage of this charismatic leaf eater, Proto allowed the Ibex to enter unscathed and state his case. They talked for many hours but the Ibex was unable to sway Proto because of his powers of perception which all the tribes of Luna possessed. Thus the Ibex challenged Proto to a duel, not of horn and tooth but of minds. Proto was intrigued by this unusual concept of combat and accepted the challenge. The victory terms were then arranged. If the Ibex won Proto would have to relinquish his status as chief of the Luna Wolves over to him. But if the Ibex lost he would personally submit his body to Proto for him to consume. With both beasts accepting the terms, they scheduled the duel in one weeks time under the twilight of the new moon.

The day was at hand and the days following since the Ibex made his challenge, all of Plenty knew of the duel and were in attendance. The Ibex armed with his Mal de Ojo and Proto with his Luna Ojo. No one in Plenty knew of the Ibex’s Mal de Ojo but Proto’s Luna Ojo was fabled all throughout the land. Acquired from the Luna spirit herself, the Luna Ojo was one of the seven legendary weapons used to slay the giant Thunder Lizard which held reign over the land in ancient times. One look into it’s gaze would paralyze the soul.

A beaver smacked the earth with it’s tail signifying the start of the duel. To the untrained it appeared as the two were standing idle, transfixed in a trance and they were physically, but mentally, their consciousness were engaged in spiritual warfare deep in another dimension. In this dimension, Proto and Ibex’s physical representations reflected who they truly were. Proto, a wolf of shining, silver, light, adorned with blue designs for the first time saw the Ibex for what he truly was and it frightened him. A blood red, bipedal creature with the a crescent shaped head. Anchoring his long legs and arms were massive claws that could rip an elephant in three with one stroke.

Proto was the size of a mountain but even this creature dwarfed him. Shaking away his apprehension, Proto charged the Ibex. The Ibex shot a volley of concentrated energy at the oncoming Proto but the tactful wolf evaded his efforts. Returning the favor, Proto ascended and whipped the Ibex in the face with his three tails. The force of impact sent Ibex spining. The two continued to trade blows. Back and forth, one would land an attack only to recive a counter for his efforts. With a mighty howl, Proto knocked Ibex to the ground and pounced on him. Proto’s teeth nearing Ibex’s neck, he goes in for the kill when a sharp pain stuns him.

Unbeknownst to Proto and the rest of the animals in attendance, during the battle, Ibex persuaded a scorpion to stab Proto in the paw. As the venom entered Proto’s bloodstream it began to weaken his mind. With Proto momentarily stunned, the Ibex gored Proto with his claws. A blow so devastating that it knocked Proto’s consciousness from the spirit plane back into his own body. And with that, the Ibex claimed victory over the duel.

The animals in attendance were shocked. No one expected a chief as powerful and wise as Proto to lose. But there he was, huddled over and heaving. Blood spilling from his muzzle. due to the poison and wounds attained from the battle against the Ibex, Proto would not live much longer than a few days. He never officially handed his title as chief over to Ibex but he didn’t have to. Everyone from the tallest giraffe to the smallest shrew knew the stakes of the contest. From henceforth, a dark cloud was suspended over the Wolves of Luna as the Ibex walked into their den and proclaimed himself the King of the Unified Provinces of Plenty.


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