PIU: Production Diary: Day 1



About a year ago I began production on an animated series I call Pump It Up! In a nutshell, PIU is about a scientist named Prof. Loafer who has created 6 super sneakers to better mankind. Prof. Loafer’s financial backer, Dr. Heel, betrays him by stealing the shoes, giving them to 6 of his top athletes working under the T.O.W.E.R. corporation, and kidnapping the the Professor for good measure. All was not lost however as the Professor’s daughter Penelope discovered the secret 7th pair of shoes her father designed. Tying the laces extra tight she sets off to rescue her father and save her island from the nefarious Dr. Heel.

With the production bible nearing it’s completion, I have one year left to make sure it’s in a presentable format for the next Pitch Conference which will be held in a years time in Florida. So as you see, the race is on. Each day I will post something new about PIU rather it be sketches,  scripts, or interviews from the team. Stay tuned and stay pumped.




2 responses to “PIU: Production Diary: Day 1

    • Thanks Damyanti.Just trying to keep myself motivated while coming off this slump, you know how that goes. Do you have any of your work displayed somewhere?

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