Battle of Roaring Hills 2011

Walking to the battlefield with a case full of ammunition, a strange calm befell me. Just hours before I was full of frantic energy, going over every detail, making sure all my strategies were on point. But now the time of planing was over. Setting the case down next to a tree, I gather my surroundings to look at my combatants. A Chinese-American female assassin, a Dominican aristocrat not to be outdone by his fellow countryman who was a living giant,  a black man, and an even blacker man. We had come from all corners of the globe to to win the prize of top dawg.

Drawing our weapons, we all stood at a standstill. One single gust of air was all that was required for the first combatant to pull his trigger. The battle was swift but fierce. It was a no holds barred contest between men, and woman, and the battle scars proved it. In the end, I can’t say if there was any clear victor. We were all soaked with fluid, some more so than others, but all nonetheless. Injured but somehow still clinging to what little life we had remaining, we agreed on a truce. Today there were no casualties of war but peace is never eternal.

One day it will all happen again.


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Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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