PIU: Production Diary: Day 3

 Kotaian History 101

Today I’ll give some back story to the original inhabitants of Sandle island, thus being the Arrowatt. The Arrowatt tribe began far away on a distant land to the East. Facing a food drought, the Arrowattians made a mass migration West until they landed on present day Achi. Naming the two keys after their twin thunder gods Ahayuta and Achi, the Arrowatt continued to explore the area until they also discovered the mainland which they named Chacopa, the creator god and father of Ahayuta and Achi.

The Arrowatt settled throughout the islands. As the generations passed, food and land became scarce. The Arrowatt forgot their common ancestry and began to feud with each other. These were barbaric times. With hundreds of tribes all throughout Sandle Isle, danger lurked everywhere. Wanting to end the constant tribal wars, Tainotoa, Chief of the Tainoten went on a vast military campaign with dreams of unifying the Islands. Armed with superior weapons from the south he did just that and in 1910 Sandal Island was unified under the new tribal name of Kota.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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