Wolves of Lunacy: Chapter 5: To Freedom

The icy chill of the winter wind stung his feathers. A canyon native since a hatching, Slain’s ebon wings were not used to the extremities of the cold. Pushing his discomfort to the back of his mind, the robust raven pointed his beak forward and sped up. He had to reach Rock before it was too late. They were faint dots on the horizon but Slain recognized the formation. They were the same pack of beasts that swept through the canyons weeks earlier hell bent on a search for wolves. Merciless and with eyes of  glowing coals they called themselves the hounds.

Now soaring directly overhead, Slain’s fear were confirmed. The hounds were pressing forward  and just a few yards beyond them was One Moon marching towards their direction. The hounds barked into the air and charged madly at One Moon. One Moon responded by charging as well and the two groups clashed with a thunderous thud. Bloody and barbaric, the two factions painted the lush winter landscape a violent red. Amidst all the chaos, the two Alphas, Kangal and Rock trade blows. Claw for claw, tooth for tooth the two bulls tee off in a heavy exchange of violence.

Being the bigger and more experienced of the two, Rock capitalizes on a mistake made by Kangal and slams his body to the ground. Going for the jugular, Rock yelps out in pain as he tries to bite down on Kangal’s throat. Kangal struggles back to his feet to reveal a thick collar of thorns encircling his neck. Now with the advantage in his corner, Kangal takes Rock by surprise by bucking him to the ground with his broad chest. Seeing the One Moon leader near his end, another hound by the name of Illyria joins in to help Kangal. Together the two maul the legendary leader.

Seeing his childhood friend in turmoil, Slain, who was encircling the the battle from above, descends to the earth and cries out to the other wolves for help. Hearing Slain’s battle cry, the wolves notice Rock is in peril and rush to help him but it is too late. Kangal and Illyria succeed in killing Rock. With their leader dead and suffering heavy injuries, the morale of the fighters is broken and the hounds finish them off as they attempt to retreat. Slain hops over to his fallen friend and tries to nudge him back to his feet but to no avail. The great leader of the past, present, and future preservation of the Tribe of Luna is now and forever deceased. Slain knows that this was most likely the main fighting force of the tribe and with the hounds back on the hunt, it’s only a matter of time before they reach the others.

Stretching his wings, Slain takes back to  the skies and races quickly ahead of the hounds below to warn One Moon of their impending doom. Below the sky on a summit, Distaff and the remainder of One Moon patiently await the return of the pack. Therefore when Distaff hears the “caaaaws”” from Slain high above in the skies she immediately knows something horrible has happened. She doesn’t need to hear Slain’s report to know that her husband is dead. But there is no time to mourn, as Alpha she must get her pact to safety beyond the mountains. Just then the faint echo of barking is heard on the wind. The scentless were getting closer, the time to retreat was now.

His flock having migrated to Plenty years ago, Slain knew the way out and flew overhead to guide the pack to the right direction. It wasn’t before long that the scentless, like possessed hounds from hell, were yards away from the pact. And very quickly, those yards turned to inches. Snow scattered every which way as the chase intensified.Now close to the border, the only thing that separated the pack from freedom was a giant, vertical, hill. Quickly the old, lame, and inexperienced were taken down for the slaughter until only the strongest were left.

Very rarely does misfortune give way to might and this day was no different as sure footed Aloni lost her footing on a sheet of ice and descended. Tumbling down the hill as if she was an apple, the hounds quickly locked on and turned direction to rip into her. Distaff saw this and while the responsible thing to do would be press on and preserve her leadership, she could not. What kind of  a leader turns their back on their own sister? With a hound still on her hills, Distaff spins 180 degrees to the left, using the hounds own momentum to send him smashing into a snowbank.

The scentless killed her friends and her husband but she’d be damned if they killed her little sister. Charging into their pack like a lunatic she bite and clawed her way into them until she was reunited with Aloni. Beaten but not defeated Aloni quickly rose to her paws and stood shoulder to shoulder with her sister. Their fangs barred, they stood their ground and growled at their oppressors who were now encircling them. With only one way out, the sisters charged out of the circle and made a dash up the hill. The hounds, right on their tails were nipping madly at their feet, legs and any other body part their jaws could get a hold of.

So close now the two were to the top of the hill. With only one more jump and they would leap from the subjugation of their old life into the freedom of the new. Legs crouched into position, the two sprang upward, their muscles stretching as they seemingly soar through the air as if aided by wings. In this moment, time seems to slow down and as Distaff glides steadily towards the hilltop, she notices Aloni’s animation has been suspended.Turning her head, Distaff notices Aloni’s hind leg in the jaws of a hound. Time then resumes normally as Aloni is roughly ripped back down the hill just as Distaff lands on top of it. Before Distaff can even begin to mount an offense, one of the hounds headbutts her and sends her sprawling down the hill in the opposite direction. And so it went, the two sisters from the Tribe of Luna plummeted on opposite sides of the same hill. One towards emancipation, the other expiration.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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