Paganism…the A-Track of World Religions

Having been born into a southern Baptist based household, when it came to choosing religions, it was easy. Easy because we  had only one choice and that was the big JC. You may know him as Jesus Christ. I was cool with JC but I didn’t agree with some of the churches teachings – well actually I didn’t agree with most of em. So as you can see, the dissension in my mind started early and began to swell and swell until about my freshman year in college I found the courage to break out  the gang all together.

Four years have passed since then and the life of an ex-christian was pretty good. My standing in life hadn’t drastically changed or anything – in fact it’s debatable that it may have gotten a little worst – but nonetheless having the burden of hell fire and brimstone lifted off my chest was sweet; but yesterday it dawned on me, as much crap as I talk about organized religion, there are a few good aspects to them. One being the feeling of comfort you get knowing that somewhere high in the sky is a father like figure watching out for you and is always willing to help in times of need.

Two being prayer.  When a person prays really hard for something, when they really concentrate, it kinda gives the placebo effect to your brain and enables you to accomplish really incredible things you otherwise would have buckled from under pressure. Wanting desperately to regain these two aspects but not wanting to go back to the world of the Trinity or it’s older brother Judaism and misunderstood cousin Islam, I decided there was only one route I could go…Paganism.

What ultimately drove me to Paganism was the freedom. I mean I really didn’t have to abide by any laws or have to memorize any dogma because I’d for the most part be making the shit up as I go along. Such I feel is the beauty of Paganism; to live by the creativity of ones own mind.

When trying to figure out what deity I wanted to worship, I first thought about animals. It’s no secret, everyone loves animals, except for those weirdos who don’t because they’re allergic to fur or some other dumb excuse. It’s a scientific fact that animals are cute, cuddly, rebellious, strong, everything you could want in a fictional deity. If I had to choose one of course I’m goin with my man – or I should say my canine the coyote.

Who wouldn't wanna worship this fella every Sunday?

But then I got to thinking, as cool as animals are, they are in fact still mortal just like me. If I’m gonna elevate this thing to God status then it needs to be a bit more extraordinary. That’s when the elements came into play. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Lightning.

Of these, Fire defiantly fits my personality the best as I’m often “silent raging” about everything under the sun. Fire may be where I’m at but ultimately Wind is where I wanna go.  The wind is so free. It moves effortlessly and can be both a gentle breeze or a monstrous typhoon. To me Wind represents freedom. The freedom to live above the laws of man and nature. To do what you want when you want; to arrive somewhere, do some good (or some bad), and leave just as quickly as you appeared as if you were never there.

For all my would be naysayers, sure I might not have been made in the Wind’s image but at least it’s real err… approachable. I can see it as it escapes my lungs in the chill autumn air. I can feel it as it blows through my locks on a hot, sunny, day. Aaaand it’s been proven by science thus already eliminating any Breezie (name of Wind followers) beef within the scientific community.

Yeah, the more I think about it the more I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. I mean there’s so many possibilities for  religious creativity. Custom holidays, excuses to stay at home from certain responsibilities, church. Oh yeah, the church of Breezie is going to be radical. I wouldn’t force people to sit in a stuffy building with no A/C. The church of the breeze can be found anywhere the wind is. From the tallest hill top to the lowest valley, just find a comfy spot and enjoy as the spirit of the Wind washes over you. Bam! You just got verbally baptized.

But in all seriousness, I think all of us should take the time out of our busy schedules and try to create our own religions. We live in America, a country that gives us the right of freedom of religion but how many of us really take advantage of that concept? And if you already like your religion and don’t feel the need to completely turn over a new leaf, why not add some spice to your current worship? Put a fancy bow on  that ya-mica, bedazzle your cross, tye dye your galabiyya.

Remember when religion used to be fun? Yeah, me neither but together we can change that, you and I, one Breezie at a time.


9 responses to “Paganism…the A-Track of World Religions

  1. I see your point. Makes sense. The wind has been scientifically proven to be real, this is true! Now, let’s say theoretically, the one people call god is this all knowing omniscient being who knows the past future etc. The same god theoretically does things no mortal man could do. For such a (theoretically) powerful being, I would think it would be hard for a mortal mind (considered a lower form of being than godship) to comprehend how to even begin proving such a being. On another note, (this is a personal theory of mine), the things we consider a scientific force (i.e Gravity, DNA structuring etc), what if it was just our way of understanding an act of the previously mentioned god? What if the works of god came through what we consider acts of nature or science?
    Although I do agree with you on the matters of the church. There are waaayy too many churches that I feel teach corrupted messages, with pastors and preachers speaking out of emotion rather then preaching LOVE. Although, I think it’s difficult for our human ego to believe that maybe there is something higher then us.

    • Nah, I can believe it. And you make a good point too about the forces of nature. But basically it’ll always come down to “prove it” and since neither one of us can do that, ‘m just gonna hop on this paganism train and start worshiping some false idols. I just don’t care too much for dogma and all those rules.

      • Like you said, this IS America and (Theoretically) we’re free to do whatever. I’m not trying to convert you, but since you gave me an alternative to think about I figured I’d do the same.

      • I don’t think you’re trying to convert me. I am on the other hand trying to convert you. If I don’t convert a minimum of at least 3 people a week the Wind demands a human sacrifice from me. I’m tryna save lives here.

  2. I’ve dabbled with paganism several times. To be honest, I’m a bit lazy and that’s the reason I can’t handle all the rules. The biggest issue for me is the hypocrisy of the people, not the religions. That, and paganism is just so much more fun. It’s one giant bedtime story, one meant to delight, not scare you. You should take the belief-o-matic test. Christianity was at the very bottom of the list for me and Buddhism and Paganism were neck and neck.

    • I’m with you on the hypocrisy part too Jai. And your thoughts on paganism were the very reasons why I decided to give it a go. I’m gonna google that belief-o-matic test and when I finish I’ll tell you my results.

  3. lol Sorry Coyote but you better find someone else quick. Unless of course you wanna do the human sacrifices thing. In that case, make sure you have a solid alibi….

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