Core Compliments

Whilst walking to the park to enjoy an afternoon of fun in the sun, a friend of a friend told me that I had soft skin. Upon hearing this, my vanity swooped in and gobbled up the tasty morsel of compliment like a  starving vulture.  Growin up in the streets, I never really received many compliments and because of that I always struggled to understand what made me “ME.” Thus over the years I developed a system called Core Compliments.

Core Compliments, or CC, are a list of compliments you received on a fairly average basis; that is, whenever someone gives you a compliment, you can average them out and the ones that you receive the most become your Core Compliments. I think it’s best to have at least 5 CC. When telling my friend of this concept he called me arrogant but I disagree. I think it’s important to know your CC as they are in a sense your greatest strengths in life.

I mostly use mine to exploit and deceive people but that’s only because my CC (nice smile, sexy lips, firm butt, athletic build, beautiful hair, hilarious sense of humor) are mostly related to the visual field and nonverbal communication. Visually I am a “wholesome young man that’s on the rise to great things’ but it’s not until you get to know me that you discover I’m somewhat of an ass. And by then, the damage is already done. If you’re like me and use your talents for evil, it’s also a good idea to know the average lifespan in which your CC last.

My Fave Five Core Compliments

After years of research and experimentation (losing many friends in the process), I’ve discovered that my CC last for about 3 – 5 months on a day to day basis before the magic runs out. Having a good time frame of your limits  gives you  the ability  to quickly  pack up and move out of the situation  without receiving any more additional damage from the people you’ve just swooned.  As a good friend of mine once said, “I’ve got a BA in BS and I ain’t afraid to use it.”


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