Doughnuts, the Ultimate Tease

It happens every time without fail. I go to the market, hungrier than a hippo when I spot a case of a dozen doughnuts. I say to myself, “Yeah,

Evil in it's purest form

I’ll eat em all.” Then I buy them and after the 1st one and half way through the 2nd I cop out and that once delicious dozen has now become a loathsome burden.  I curse myself for being so stupid as to buying 5 dollars worth of doughnuts when I could barely finish two. I could save them for later but I feel so sick that I swear I’ll never touch one again. And then 3 weeks later I go off and repeat the whole process like I’m some kind of addict.


2 responses to “Doughnuts, the Ultimate Tease

Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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