The Super Market Sweep

Live your life like it’s a super market. It’s very liberating. Jump into a random group of people as if it was your hand plunging itself into a thorn of cherry’s. Pick out the ones you like, toss the defects, eat all the nutrients, and once fully drained and devoid of any future enjoyment, toss that baby on a street corner can and grab the next sucker.

Best way to learn about people is to treat them like a magazine. Once you find a cover that’s eye catching, start asking a bunch of questions then admit some of your own faults too. That’s called honesty, people LOVE that shit. Make sure to wash our hands before you start flipping through the pages though. If not you could leave fingerprints, then everyone will know you’ve been in that.

If you like someone but think they’re “out of your league” just give em the canned food treatment (the can being that person’s self esteem). Stroll by, make sure no one is looking, pick up the can like you’re interested, and DROP IT. Hopefully the can should should cave in, get bent, or suffer some kind of residual damage diminishing it’s value for purchase. Most cans will dent on the first try but some can be more stubborn. That’s ok though, if you continue to drop it eventually it WILL dent. That’s called the law of probability.

This post brought to you by the stolen wifi from Hottygurl65.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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