Homeless =/= Prideless

Can't knock my hustle

So I’m sitting on a street corner practicing my harmonica when a passerby tosses a golden dollar-coin at me. Not that I’m against money being tossed at me but this guy tossed the darn thing directly at my face, my left eye being the casualty. I say to the guy “Hey, you wanna watch your aim next time? You almost took my eye out.” He doesn’t even bother to stop his early morning march as he replies, “You should be lucky I gave you anything.”

This is just one of many instances that happen to the homeless on a regular basis. And I ask of you, do I deserve to be treated unjustly just

We live like animals, we play with animals

because I don’t own a plot of land? Just because I wash my bum in a McDonalds bathroom, does that make me any less of a man? So I eat 2/3rds of my meals from garbage cans, does it really count as garbage if it’s above the rim of the canister? And yes, I use the free wifi services of fine establishments like McDonalds and Starbucks but does that make me any less of a thief than you who mooches wireless connections from your neighbors?

I may be a bum, or a vagabond, or whatever other name you want to label me but in all your judgement do not forget that I am a man with a heart full of pride and if you disrespect me…I’ll cut ya.

This post brought to you by the free wifi at McDonalds. McDonalds…

I’m lovin it.


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Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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