RIP Jessica Alba’s Career

It has become evident that your steadily declining career has now come to an end with the recent induction of yourself in the 4th Spy Kids movie. A movie I’m surprised didn’t come direct to dvd. It’s a sad day for me personally but I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I loved you as x-452 in Dark Angel. Back then you could do no wrong. Running around the apocalyptic streets of Seattle along with your transgenic siblings, solving crimes and hiding from the forces of Manticore. But after Dark Angel ended, you took crappy movie role after crappy movie role until I finally had to give up all hope. I never say never so even though I’m giving your career a funeral, in my heart, I still have a sliver of hope that one day your career will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and shower me once again with the sparks of your magnificence.






One response to “RIP Jessica Alba’s Career

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