I call my imagination Emily Rutherford II


Dearest Emily,

It has been a day now since my departure and I am happy to report fate has been kind. I was able to safely secure a loan from the bank and used the funds to rent a room in a tavern called the Commons. I know you will be pleased to hear that I am sleeping with a roof over my head and not the twinkle of the stars; as romantic as that might sound. I share my room with 3 other gentlemen whose names at the moment escape me. The two I’ve met seem swell enough but I have yet to meet the third. I’m beginning to wonder if there ever was a third. Of course I am too embarrassed to ask so I continue to wait in suspense. My classes so far have been enjoyable. my professors are young and energetic whose dreams have not yet been crushed by the weight of the world. I also am very happy to report that I have eaten for the first time in two days today. To make a tall tale short, there is an anomaly in the cafeteria in which my name is still listed under the institution’s meal plan.  I arranged to have my name erased from this list to save myself a few hundred dollars earlier in the week. It came to my attention however that the update has not yet taken effect so I am able to get free meals and no one is the wiser.  Today I stuffed my belly full of foods from every block in the pyramid. It is only a matter of time before the list is updated and I must fend for myself. Until that time comes I will live true to my name and swindle them out of as much food as I can. I feel that I may have written too much in this letter but there is so much excitement to be had. There is a catalog full of sporting clinics, clubs, and so on. Of all the three colleges I have attended, I feel for the first time my money is well spent. This new land is full of opportunity, my head becomes dizzy trying to think of it all. I am going to rest my eyes now and digest the mountain of food I wolfed down earlier.

Think of me always,



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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