Beyond LA Fit: En Guard!

In the last episode of BLAF, our favorite deviant underwent the ferocious training of Sensei Tiger Lee’s Goju-Ryu and befriended Danny.

With Bryan separating from the party to return home, Danny and Cai relax in the lounge to recharge for the next and final ordeal; the aristocratic art of fencing. Cai’s bond with Danny strengthened as the two realized they shared many things in common. After a show and tell of battle scars collected over life, the two headed up three flights of stairs to the very top of the GSU Rec center. This was the final level.

Sharing laughs with the other students, the instructor arrives and gathers everyone in the Omni dimension. The students were immediatly greeted by a large mesh fence that separated the combatants from the audience. Fencer Bruce arranged the students in a horizontal line and taught them the basic forms of the fencer’s advance, retreat and en guard position.

After a few rounds of mock sparring, the class was treated to a live demonstration. Two decorated students from Fencer Bruce’s senior class crossed swords in an extravagant display of a gentleman’s duel. With the Cai vs The World” challenge complete, Cai celebrated with Danny and Nick (one of the swordsmen who completed earlier) before returning home to save the game.


+15 Technique

+10 Intelligence

Bond with Danny strengthened

Cai learns En Guard stance

Fencer Nick joins the party


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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