Pretty sure I just blew it with a girl. Maybe?

Was in an orientation class doodling some stuff when she initiated verbal communication with me. Going by this I deduce that she doesn’t think I’m a weirdo cause no one initiates a conversation with a weirdo. (+1) for me. I manage to navigate my way through our short conversation without saying anything embarrassing and we exit the orientation.

As we’re in line waiting for applications to work for one of the various tv shows, I want to strike up another conversation but I see that she was waiting to talk to the person passing out fliers so I bide my time. Unfortunately I bide too long and she walks down the hallway and turns the corner, forever exiting my life…or so I thought (-1).

I walk down the hallway and glance to my left and see that she’s sitting on a bench filling out her application. Not wanting to walk directly to her and seem obvious, I make a right and head for the water fountain. After a quick sip and walk back to her and sit next to her on the couch (+1).

I initiate contact this time with minimal success and we sit there for about 15 minutes or so filling out applications with occasional chit chat (+1). She then gives me a compliment on my name to which I IMMEDIATELY denounce cause I’m an idiot (-1) but she laughs it off so I guess that’s (+1)? But this is how I know I messed up. It’s the same rookie mistake I always make. But maybe I’m reading too much into it you tell me.

She gets up to leave and she kinda pauses for a long time. And I’m not sure what she wants so in my haste to not embarrass myself I say “I’ll see you later.” We do the whole awkward goodbye with smiles and she walks away. Do you think all that time she was standing there, she was waiting for me to ask for her number or some kind of contact information? I feel like that was my moment to ask for it but it completely slipped my mind. Damnit, I’m so out of practice.


One response to “Pretty sure I just blew it with a girl. Maybe?

  1. If she was just hanging around but not doing anything in particular, I think she wanted you to either ask for her number or continue a short chit chat, and then ask for her number. One of those two I’m sure. By saying goodbye you kinda told her you were done. Although, everyone is different so she may be thinking something completely different.

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