So This is What They Call Maturity? I Like It

Do to recent events this site will no longer be about pranks and giggles but instead be dedicated to the struggle. We all have the ability to do more than what we are to change this world for the better. This blog will be another tool to institute that change. Sorry to all the faithful who have followed me thus far but there’s a time and a place for everything and right now the time for joking is over.

And the red bird of hope was born from the blood of the dying coyote


Gone But Not Forgotten: Legacy of Troy Davis

Troy Anthony Davis

10/9/1968 – 9/22/2011

These past few weeks have been a whirlpool of emotion. On September 16 I received an email from the NAACP informing me that a march would be held in honor of Troy Davis, an innocent man who was on death row. I had known about the case for a year, just receiving bits and pieces of info as it was given to me so I jumped at the opportunity to participate.

For anyone living under a rock, Troy was convicted of the murder of off duty police officer Mark Macphail in Savannah, Georgia (1989). At the time 9 witnesses testified that they saw Troy commit the murder and this is what the police used to convict him. Since then however 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted their statements and admitted that the police coerced them into testifying against Troy and since there was never any physical evidence linking Troy to the crime, you can start to put two and two together and realize that the authorities had no evidence to keep Troy locked up.

The experience was amazing. Since I received the e-mail late I missed the march but was able to catch the rally at Ebenezer Baptist Church. To see so many people coming to gather in solidarity to passionately protest for a cause was awe inspiring. It was at that moment that something inside me began to grow. A small sprout of duty began to take root in my heart, it’s roots reaching deep inside my soul. There were many times in my life where I was one of those people that talked about change but never did anything about it. I was the worst kind of individual, one that sees a problem but does nothing to stop it. But now I had no excuses, I was right here in the heart of it and I made up my mind there to fight this cause until the end.

The next day I meet up with the activists outside the CNN Center to continue protesting the case. We were 1/10th in number what we were the previous day but someone forgot to tell that to our hearts because we poured them out just the same. it was at this rally that I officially introduced myself and signed up for the cause. With one final hurray around the CNN building we split up to go home and rest for our next mission, a 24 hour occupation of the Parole and Pardon’s building where the decision to grant Troy’s clemency would be held.

September 18, what better way to spend a birthday than fighting for a cause you believe in? That’s exactly what I did. Beginning at 7am we rallied outside the building of Parole & Pardons chanting Troy’s innocence and holding up signs for all to see. Out of all the thousands of people who saw us we only had 2 detractors so the show of support from honking horns and raised fists was very much appreciated. That night we bundled up in blankets and sleep on benches, grass, stone, anywhere you could find a spot. It was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years.

After another two long days of protest, we all retired to prepare ourselves for the next event. On September 20th, we met up once again in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Woodruff park to march to the state capital and protest outside it’s golden dome. The towering statue of Abraham Lincoln with fist pumped high in the air seemed almost to reinforce our mission. After the occupation of the capital, we stormed the streets. We walked for blocks, maybe even miles, past our original starting point and beyond. During the march we held up traffic for hours and at one point even stood motionless in the street, holding up both lanes so that no traffic could pass through. This was my favorite moment of the night and one when I believe we were at our strongest. By that time many people had dropped out and we didn’t have our original numbers but it didn’t matter, we were still just as defiant.

Eventually the police came in and forced us to use the sidewalk unless we wanted to be arrested. So we did, we continued to march alongside the sidewalk and stopped at a tree to discuss further plans; to retire for the night or keep going. it was at this time that our friends who were in their car were stopped by the police. At least a dozen police cars showed up to support their own but thankfully we had Cop Watch on our side as they ran up to the action and filmed the ordeal. This was just enough to scare the cops into backing off and leave out friend with a “friendly” warning to be more careful. I should also add that out friend,t he driver of this car, had an impressive collection of parking tickets and various other violations she had yet to pay off.

September 22nd, this was it, the final day of the Troy Davis case. The execution was going to be held in a small town 40 minutes from Atlanta called Jackson. This city of Jackson was located in Butts county. I was not surprised when our group, the T.D.O.C. entered Jackson and saw that it was just like one of those “Leave it to Beaver” towns from the 50’s but worse since we were in the south. There was even a Piggly Wiggly’s grocery store for Hera’s sake! You know you’ve entered the backwoods when a Piggly Wiggly is the number one grocer.

Our group parked at a gas station and walked to the corner with the actual execution site located just across the street. Not even a minute there and were witnessed the first arrest of the night. A retired marine who had done nothing wrong but state the obvious to a local trooper who couldn’t handle the truth. As more people rallied across the street, the troopers took it upon themselves to take crime scene tape and fence us in a small box. We were to stay in this designated area or face the consequences. Luckily, as the hours went by and stress levels rose, we flooded the designated area and began to overflow into the street.

This is when the police brought in their heavy hitters. Legions of officers in riot gear lined up across the street from us, twirling and beating their billy clubs to intimidate us. They were so adamant about getting some action that even off duty officers with no name tags or badge numbers so that they could be identified lined up alongside the riot cops. The situation was reaching a boiling point and then it happened. We advanced pass the no fly zone into the street. Immediately the police rushed us and took down the first of us who had managed to achieve top mount on the officer during his collapse. The police didn’t like this, even if it did happen by accident and made sure to rough him up before carting him away. There were four other arrests during the line cross as well. Luckily no one was severely injured.

After this we erupted in rage at our brothers who were captured but through prayer managed to transform the rage into clarity. As 7pm rolled around, we all waited in anticipation as to what the final verdict would be? We erupted in joy as we heard from various sources that Troy would be granted a stay so that more time would be given to weigh the decision. The following passage of time is now a blur of prayer and chant but in the end, after over a million signed petitions and protesters rallying not only in America but around the globe, the state of Georgia continued with their intent to execute Troy Davis. It was 2011 but were were instantly transported back to the 30’s and 50’s while we stood in agony as a legal lynching took place before us.

With the all seeing eyes of the media gone, the police became aggressive. Led by a fake comrade going by the name of G. Lenard Mcfadden, the police aggressively crossed over into our territory and demanded we go to the church down the hill to pray or leave the premisses. A friend decided to stand her ground by sitting peacefully and she was violently jerked up by two enormous officers  and carried off into the opposing side. We tried to wait around and gather our thoughts but even at the gas station, no where near the site of protest, the police and G. Lenard Macfadden followed us barking orders for us to leave and at one point getting physical.

After getting directions to the jail where our friends were being held we traveled there and after a few hours managed to bail out everyone in the struggle with us. From the first arrest of the retired marine to the last, our friend Sarah.

It’s been two days since the event took place. The magnitude of what happened began to really hit me after the adrenaline wore off. This whole experience has been bittersweet for me. On one hand I am happy that I found out and participated in the struggle because now I feel it is something I want to dedicate myself to. I’ve met many awesome people in the last three weeks and it’s great knowing that there are others who not only see a problem but are willing to stand up and do something about it. On the other hand, I am sad at the final verdict from the state. One thing is for certain though, they may have killed Troy but the fight has just begun. As I stated previously, I’m standing with this case till the end and Troy’s death was not the end, it was only the beginning.





Please Insert Ghost in the Shell

There are different types of people in the world.

Some are real others fake.

I am an artificial human.

Inside my body is a hole where my soul should be.

I think once upon a time ago I had soul but lost it along the way.

Or maybe I never had one at all.

The battery that powers my hard drive leaks acid.

Before long I won’t even remember my own name.

I don’t know what data banks I have to download to find a soul so I continue to search for a solution to the  equation.

One day I hope to solve the mystery  so I can become a real boy

Summary: Hobo With A Shotgun

Delivering justice one shell at a time

Jesus Christ, where should I begin? I knew full on what to expect from this film when entering the theater but “Hobo With a Shotgun” takes the entire grind house genre and injects it with a straight shot of adrenaline. The movie begins and I immediately  like and respect Hobo because he is featured with a harmonica, walking cane, and knap sack; the three crucial items that any self respecting hobo would never be caught without.

Hopping off the train, Hobo enters the land of Fuck Town, a place where every corner is soiled with crime. Not 5 minutes into his new neighborhood can Hobo get without witnessing a public decapitation administered by the Princes of Fuck Town -Slick and Ivan – at the request of their father, Drake.Not all is rotten in Fuck Town however. Passing by a local pawn shop, Hobo eyes a classic, cherry red, lawn mower and is bombarded by the sweet feeling of nostalgia; Of a simpler time when a hobo could walk down the street and not have to worry about getting his cart run over by a crazed, psychopath’s car.  Hobo decides then and there that he wants that lawn mower and hits the streets to earn beg for some money.

Unfortunatley for Hobo, things don’t go quite as planned as he is subject to ridicule, apathy, and revulsion from the upstanding citizens of Fuck Town. Hobo endures this and all the other immoralities of the town but he is pushed too far when the sanctityof a hooker’s vagina is put into peril by none other than the Prince of Fuck Town, Slick.

Using his wits and a sock full of nickels, Hobo saves the girl but pays for his heroism at the end of a blade. Left for dead in a dumpster, Hobo manages to pick himself back up, thanks to the Hooker. The two share a heart felt moment and after a touching story about bears, become BFFs. Finally after enduring all sorts of humiliation and almost dying, Hobo saves up enough money to buy his precious lawn mower. Hobo enters the shop but before he can purchase his prize, 3 armed men enter the shop, take the shop owners’ family hostage and demand money. The shop owner gives the thugs everything he has but they tell him it’s not enough, “more money or the baby dies.”

Hobo glances above to the left and sees it. A good ol fashioned pump-action shotgun. Instantly he has to make a choice, the thing he loves most in the world, the lawn mower or the shotgun which represents responsibility. Hobo chooses the righteous arm of responsibility and paints the pawn shop red with the robber’s blood. It’s not over yet however. Responsibility takes a hold of Hobo’s mind like an addiction and he goes on a murderous montage sweeping the streets clean of Fuck Town’s finest.

The press soon gets word of the Hobo with a shotgun and rally behind the crusty faced hero. The King of Fuck Town however doesn’t like the threat Hobo is becoming and puts out a bounty for his head. Soon the entire town goes crazy and kill any bum they see in hopes of cashing in on the reward. Hobo manages to stay a step ahead while still delivering his vigilante style of justice but slips up when the Hooker’s life is once again put into peril. In the aftermath of a gruesome battle with the Princes of Fuck Town, Slick is left dead and minus one penis while Hooker is not far behind with a neck gash.

Hobo gets the Hooker to a hospital where her life is spared but falls victim to Drake’s two most powerful men, the Knights of the Plague. Hobo is put into a pine box and awaits execution. Meanwhile, the Hooker decides enough is enough and goes through a MacGuyver-like montage of building the ultimate deus ex machia made of Hobo’s shotgun and his cherry red lawn mower. Who knew the Hooker was such a proficient welder? Knowing she can’t fight the battle alone, the Hooker makes one of the most impassioned speeches I’ve ever heard to the crowd of rowdy miscreants.

“Some people got beds to sleep on, where they can crawl under the covers and have a good night’s rest. But other people, they don’t got beds at all. Instead they gotta find an alleyway, or a park bench where some fucker’s not gonna stab them. But just because they don’t got beds doesn’t mean they’re homeless. ‘Cause guess what? They’ve got the biggest home of any of us. It’s called the streets! And right now, we’re all standing in their home, so maybe we should show them some goddamn respect. If this is their home, they’ve got a right to keep it clean, don’t they? And sometimes on the streets, a broom just ain’t gonna fucking cut it. That’s when you gotta get a shotgun!”

Back at the execution ring, Hobo is about to get his head ripped off when Hooker makes the dramatic save. Too bad Hobo couldn’t return the favor as Drake man handles her arm and pushes her fingers into the blades of her very own lawn mower killing machine. Hooker isn’t down for the count yet and savagely stabs Drake in the heart with the bone where her forearm used to be. With the Hooker doing all the dirty work, Hobo manages to free himself and aims his gun at Drake. Drake’s dirty cops show up behind Hobo and threaten to kill him if he kills Drake.

Then, in a moment of redemption, the citizens of Fuck Town all grab their personal firearms and aim them at the police. A viscous stalemate is held until Hobo brings the walls crumbling down with a shot to Drake. The police in turn kill Hobo while the citizens open fire. Hobo falls to the ground and dies beside his shotgun. The movie ends here but I for one am waiting fro the sequel “One Armed Hooker With A Shotgun.”

All I Want For My B-Day is 44 cents

You read correctly, all I want for my b-day is 44 cents. The catch is what my gift lacks in monetary value it makes up for in spiritual salvation. What I want is a hand written letter explaining a time when I brought joy into your life and when I took it away. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel and if I did something horrible to you don’t hold back on my sake. If I was strong enough to hurt you then I should be strong enough to hear about it.

If this request is currently beyond your power, hakuna matata. Also, don’t be afraid of what I might say/think of you after reading the letter because I won’t be reading them. Not now at least. I’m going to put them in a metal box and save them for my death bed. Assuming I’ll be lucky enough to die on civil terms.

I think that by understanding the impact I’ve had on the world through the lives I’ve interacted with, it will balance my chaos/clarity equation and allow me to die with completion. I think the last thing any of us wants is me wandering the earth as a lost soul. I’ve done my share of trouble making as flesh and bone but think of all the madness I’d cause as a temporal being.


Please send letters to

141 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, Ga 30303

Beyond LA Fit: Climbing to New Heights

Since we last joined our deviant, he has devoutly submersed himself in the land of the Blue Panther; gaining experience and meeting new friends along the way. Today we join Cai on his most perilous mission yet.


Racing through the streets, the wind bounced off Cai’s burly chest as he ran to the Rec center. Today was the day of the rock climb exhibition and he was running a little behind schedule. After a quick change of clothes, he finally entered the Climbing dimension. Greeted by his pal Danny, Cai harnesed himself in and joined along with the group as Climber Matt instructed them on the basic fundementals of rock climbing. With Danny being a skilled climber in his own right, he took Cai under his wing to further his education.

Lecture, after lecture, in what seemed like an infinity of protocol the eager students were finally allowed to test their mettle. Gripping the multicolored stones, Cai used every muscle in his finger tips to push him high up the wall. Reaching 25% of the aritificial mountain’s poetintial the young deviant was overcome with fear and fatigue. He let go of the wall and let the weight of his body suspend in midair before finally being lowered to the ground. Next up was Danny’s turn. Shattering Cai’s record to pieces Danny reached 75% of the wall before finally giving in to gravity. Cai watched below in awe as Danny skillfully shimmied and twisted his way to victory.

Having tried his hand at climbing, it was now time to test Cai’s belaying skills. Befriending a novice Chinese climber named Michelle, Cai successfully guided her through her rough climb and descent. On Cai’s second climb he used the expereince from his first outing as well as mimicking the technique of Danny to make it to the halfway point of the wall with Michelle below on belay duty. With some experience under their belt, now was the time for the written exam. In order to become certified climbers, the students would have to pass this two page test or take the class all over again next year.

The student’s nervously chatted while test scores were graded but everyone triumphed in victory as scores were passed out. With the written exam conquered the student now had one final test. Tosuccessfully belay their partner but this time with no supervision. Danny was the first to pass the test with Cai as his climber. Next up was Cai as he belayed for Michelle and finally Michelle as she belayed for Cai. After three grueling hours of practice the students rejoiced as they earned their shiny, new ,Climber badges.


End Episode Stats

+75 finger strength

+100 endurance


Michelle joins party

Cai acquires dem digits

2013 Presidential/Apocalyptic Predictions

The world is ending on Dec 12, 2012. This is a FACT. It’s already been proven by pseudoscience, the highest of all sciences so there is not point in arguing against it. We know that the world is going to end but in this post I’m going to explain “how.”

1. Rick Perry wins Republican Party

Ricky Perry’s pick-up truck of destruction has just only revved it’s engines but already the handsome Republican from the great state of Texas is burning rubber. I predict that Rick Perry will win the Republican tournament and go head to head against Barrack Obama for the Presidency of the United States in the upcoming election of 2012.

2. Baarack Huessin Obama defeated in the 2012 Elections

Obama had a great start but since his 1st term, his power level has steadily declined. As the most scrutinized President in the history of the game, maybe it’s not all his fault, maybe it is. People don’t really care about if’s and but’s they only care about here’s and “what have you done for me lately’s.” This is where I predict where Obama will suffer his death blow. The Maverick Wild Card that is Rick Perry will capitalize on Obama’s weak administrative powers and take home the crown.

"Did I do well Master?" "Yes my son."

...Shoulda whipped my dick out...damnit.

3. Armageddon

Here’s where it all falls into place. In all sci fi movies and lore, the end of the world ONLY can happen if there is a black man at the head of the white house. In “Deep Impact” it was Morgan Freeman, “Idiocracy” had Terry Crews, and who could forget Tommy “Tiny” Lister’s Oscar winning performance as Debo playing the role of President Limberg in the “5th Element?”

I predict that Obama will lose the 2012 elections but for all of use who passed our US Civics class in high school, we know that the new President’s term doesn’t officially begin until January of the next year. This means Obama will remain in office juuust long enough to fulfill his apocalyptic black president duties and welcome the second coming of Quetzacoatl, Jesus, or what ever deity you subscribe to.

Electrolytes mutha fucka!

4. Rick Perry = Ronald Regan 2.0

When Perry takes office in January of 2013, the world, or at least America (but we pretty much are the world, aren’t we) will be in a state of chaos. Having been in a month long apocalypse, the States will be put under marshal law. This is exactly, what Rick Perry wants and thrives on. Make no mistake about it, Rick Perry will use his charm, vocabulary, and rugged good looks to swoon the hearts of American’s into voting for him but deep down he is a tyrant. One look into his 234 execution count as Governor of Texas will tell you that.


Perry will take full advantage of the new marshal law system and accomplish what Ronald Regan was too ahead of his time to achieve; the transformation of a democratic nation into a totalitarian dictatorship.American as we know it will be no more and from here it will only be a matter of time before some jackass scientist fucks up and spills his Jamba Juice on the wrong control panel making all the machines go crazy and enslaving humanity in a vegetative state; harvesting our bodies as fuel.

Damnit Phil!

I can only hope that in these dire times, a team will assemble and do what is necessary to return order to the world. A team, not the one in which the people deserve…but the one they need.