Beyond LA Fit: Tap Out

It was my first real day of MMA class. Bryan, Danny and I reformed the party and made our way inside the Dojo dimension. The Dojo was full of fighters just like before, blazing the mats with their burning desire. With Tiger Lee fulfilling his substitute sensei duties last class, today we met our instructor for the first time Eric “The Detroit Destroyer” Heegaard. having just gotten back from winning a silver medal in a jujitsu competition from half way around the world, The Detroit Destroyer was ready to teach our humble class. I could tell you how good he is, but I think a highlight reel would serve him more justice.

After some warm up exercises we were paired up to practice some basic maneuvers. With Danny and Bryan paired up with different students I looked to my left to see a cute lady about my height and size without a partner. So naturally I scooped her up before someone else could. The woman’s name was Leena and she was from the refined country of France.

I guess when you put someone in a choke hold and slam them to the mat over and over and over again, you gain a certain bond with that person. I had just met Leena but already we were flowing like a well oiled machine. After the class, I introduced Leena to the crew but to our disappointment she told us she wouldn’t attend any future classes because she was the only female in the class. Even so, if Leena would have continued I think she’d develop into a great fighter.

She had a nice smile but behind those soothing eyes I could tell a true fighter was just waiting to emerge. And I’m not just saying that. the girl executes a ‘choke hold into sweep slam” combo like a pro. Walking back to the meeting area of the Rec center, Bryan, Danny, and I are hanging out when we spot Leena and go over to chat with her. Afterwards the boys and I sit at a table and discuss future plans for hiking trips and other adventures. That’s when Leena comes up from behind and asks if we can exchange numbers to hang out sometime. BINGO! I give her my digits and gain +100 self esteem points in the process. And since it happened in front of Bryan and Danny I know they’ll won’t let me forget it anytime soon. But that’s what homeboys are for.


Exp + 200

Cai learns “front choke sweep combo”

Cai acquires “dem digits”


2 responses to “Beyond LA Fit: Tap Out

    • Yeah I wanted to say I leveled up but wasn’t sure if I was giving myself too many props. I need some kind of statistical adviser to help me out in times like this.

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