Mysterious Case of the Limpy Penis 6: Walk Alone

The femme was a sweetheart and had every intention of helping but at the last minute, she was made and lost her job because of it. I knew now that I could only rely on one person, myself. I grabbed a map and plotted my course. 10 miles, 40 ounces of sweat and 2 cramped feet later I arrive at the Vitamin Shoppe. I walk in and immediately shuffle my way into the corner, trying to look inconspicuous while searching for my target. That’s when she appeared. Skinny waist, pretty smile and a badunk-a-dunk so stack even a white boy had to shout, baby got back.

Her name was Vicki. In a voice that sounded like it belonged to an angel, she asked if there was anything she could help me find. I had to stop every fiber in my being from making a move on her. I was in no position to tangle with a rose so sweet so I politely declined her offer and continued to browse the aisles on my own. It took a few minutes but I found it.

A thick, brown, glass bottle filled will pills. Legends stated the pills were made from the bark of an African tree. This bark was said to give 1 man the power and endurance of 10. Naturally such power is illegal in the States so a portion of it was extracted and put in pill form. Walking back to the Wood triumphant I sat the bottle down and studied it. Tomorrow…Tomorrow I would play the game of human gueini pig.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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