This is a Love Story.

Often in life we make mistakes. These mistakes grow into regrets that we carry in our hearts for a lifetime; always revisiting them and wishing we could somehow change the outcome. Yesterday I created such a mistake.

When we first met it was through a friend and you had my mind twisted. I wasn’t ready for someone like you to pop into my life. You had that dark chocolate complexion combo’d with silky, smooth, skin and soft, kinky, cream colored hair. So you know when I had a chance to rap with you alone I went all out.  I read poetry to you and you “squeaked” when I called you my “Brown Betty.” Your father was Ovisariesian but you wasn’t shy. Right there in the middle of the store we embraced. We had fun and at a certain particular moment I had a choice. I made the wrong one.

I could have taken you with me, gone back for you, but I didn’t. I took you for granted and now, for all I know, you’re wrapped snugly in the arms of another man. I can’t bare the thought of his biceps inside of you. Mistakes I can’t help but I’m DONE making regrets. I WON’T let you end up like all the others. Even though we only knew each other for a short time I KNOW you belong to me and I to you. I’m young and I know love isn’t for sale but baby, I wanna purchase you. I’m coming for you  and I won’t rest until I feel your warmth around me again.



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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