The Thin Line Between Compliment and Insult

Why is it that whenever someone says that i look like a particular character in a movie it’s always that of a drug dealer, gangster, or some kind of petty thug? Yeah I know I have dark skin and locks but honestly when was the last time you saw a thug wear a turtleneck? C”mon people, Imma need you to get it together.





Live like a Prince Die Like a Pauper

I want to be successful in life but I do not want to die with my successes. Meaning, I want to reach a certain level of wealth so that I can be charitable. I want to be so charitable that when I die I die the death of a pauper and not that of a prince.

-Dedicated to Sitting Bull, the Lakotas and all people’s of the world who honor this lifestyle.

Animal Rights Commentary

These past 3 weeks or so I’ve developed a great companionship with two canines. I understand now how hard it is for pet owners, especially those that are without shelter, to coexist in this society.

There are so many places pets are not allowed and it’s hard to justify sleeping in a motel room when your dog has to sleep in a shady alley tied to a street lamp.

I’m hoping for animal rights awareness in the future and will begin to search actively for a way to bring about that change.