Animal Rights Commentary

These past 3 weeks or so I’ve developed a great companionship with two canines. I understand now how hard it is for pet owners, especially those that are without shelter, to coexist in this society.

There are so many places pets are not allowed and it’s hard to justify sleeping in a motel room when your dog has to sleep in a shady alley tied to a street lamp.

I’m hoping for animal rights awareness in the future and will begin to search actively for a way to bring about that change.



5 responses to “Animal Rights Commentary

  1. Some time ago I read the blog sporadically, but the last articles I’ve read have been really good, congratulations! I hope that the following are equally as good. If so, here’s a visitor for sure:)

    • Thank you. I haven’t written as much as I have in the past because I guess you could say I’ve been going through a transformation as of late. Thanks for stopping by.

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