The B-Word

I like to use the word bitch…a lot. But understand that when I say the b-word I don’t mean all women are bitches it’s quite the contrary in that all men, women, and children equally have the potential to be bitches.

He can be a bitch


She can be a bitch


It can be a bitch


What you have to understand is everyone deep inside has a bitch in them that yearns to be free. For the most part we supress it but sometimes the bitch inside gets the better of us and that’s ok. When these moments of weakness happen and you are called out on it, don’t trip. Access the situation and breathe deeply, think… “Am I being a bitch?”  The answer might surprise you.



Commentary on Love

There are many kinds of love.

I’m finding that out now actually. Most of my life I’ve known only one kind. The kind where you really care about a person and you feel like you have to be intimate with them in order to express that. To trap them in intimacy so they can never leave you.

Over the years I’ve been able to curve that feeling and I’ve learned to love without any kind of feeling of entitlement for the other person.

Maybe what I thought was love before really wasn’t love but lust.

Now I just try to be free like the wind. Im at a point I think where I’m begiing to break down social barriers and labels and can care about people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, etc.

These are the first steps to a new beginning.