Tales From the Pine

The Occu-pee’er Chronicles

No one knows from whence he came

Woman, child, or man who is to blame?

Neither age nor gender, his crimes do not discriminate

One whiff of his magic, your brain discombobulates

He is the Occu-pee’er

His crimes are the tale of urban legend

Always vanishing without a trace

Akin to a ninja from the pee pee race

When will his madness end

He is the Occu-pee’er

When he is around no bottle is safe

He will violate them

containers which once held precious life

now are home to unwanted strife

He is the Occu-pee’er

The occupants, mad and afraid

their will to seek justice all but decayed

The Pine now a place of loathing and fear

The yellow hue of beer haunting when near

No one is innocent not a soul safe

Hide you kids hide your wife

He is the Occu-pee’er

Pissing is his life

-Cai Otee


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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