A Declaration of 3 Spirits

I’m a dreamer. I want to live in a world where people are judged on the things that they can control like the content of their character and their deeds and not by the things that are beyond their control like the orientation of their sexuality or their gender/ lack thereof.

At the same time I am a realist, I know that we’ll never attain peace on earth or even peace within ourselves but that doesnt mean I’m going to roll over and let evil men rule. At the very least I can be a thorn in their side. To say “my dreams may be unrealistic but I won’t let you posion the world with malevolence.”

And underneath the realist is an optimist. While I know these things may not be possible in the present I have hope for humanity that they will be possible in the future. We have achieved great feats these last 100 years along with great atrocities. But I love to root for the underdog so I continue to hope. I hope that the actions of the conscious will awaken the minds of the apathetic, breathe life into the lungs of the defeated, and change the hearts of the wicked.

Until my optimism is made real and no longer a privy of my dreams I fight.


When Taking a Hint Goes Wrong

Dear Men,

What you see here is a common mistake among our folk. When a guy likes and pursues a gal but his advances are not returned. Normally most guys will take the hint and walk away but some dudes just don’t get it. Our friend Fareed is one of those dudes. I’m sure Fareed is a nice enough guy in his own right but his inability to see his unreturned text messages as a sign he should detour his advances make him seem like somewhat of a creeper.

So now you may be asking yourself, how can I avoid the pitfalls that Fareed and so many other men mistake in not being able to take a hint? Well, lets look at the picture above. Lets start with the dates on each text….

Jan 10, Jan 12, Jan 15.

The time span of this one way conversation allots to 5 days. The ideal amount of time you want to spend when pursuing that oh so special lady is 3 to 5. So our friend Fareed lucks out in this instance somewhat but this is where he makes his fatal mistake. Lets look at the final text shall we….

“How come you never respond?”

Hmmm, interesting. You see Fareed has noticed that in the 5 days of time he’s been talking to our young lady she has not once bothered to issue a return text. Now why is that? Maybe, juuuuuuust maybe she’s just not into our young lover boy. In fact I think it’s safe to assume that this is the case.

So remember dudes, 3 – 5 days is the recommended time to achieve some sort of verbal contact and if no response has been issued in that allotted time, stick that condom back in your pocket and call it a day.

Forest of Random Chap 2

 Once in the higher realm, when the girl learned of what happened to her brother she wanted nothing more but to rescue him.

Her resolve was so bright that she escaped and returned to the soil below.

The girl knew she would need help rescuing her brother so she went on a quest to find help.

Walking along a stream she heard a voice call to her. She looked to the right but no one was there.

The voice called again this time coming from the direction of the sky.

Looking up, the girl saw her admirers. The jovial tree folk introduced themselves as Fig and Patch.

After hearing her story the two tree dwellers agreed to join her.

 Alongside the cliff of a leaf covered hill, the party encountered two wildmen.

The long haired wildman, Jo’jer, was unkempt but loyal.

The short haired wildman, Big, was infatuated with the girl so together they joined her.

 The party now strong and full of high spirits

set off to find a mystical being called the gatekeeper that was said to live in a deserted garden.

The gatekeeper, wise beyond his years, told them of a way to enter the dark realm.

The entrance being the very tunnel on which they sat.

The journey would be one full of peril however and any persons lacking of courage, they should not apply.

Seeing the resolve in the girl’s eyes unwavering, the gatekeeper gave her a forbidden book.

This book when read in times of confusion or doubt would bring clarity to the reader.

 The Tunnel of Madness.

It’s entrance dark and brooding; daring anyone with courage to step through it’s nether regions and forfeit their sanity.

Many a soul lost their way inside it’s wicked corridors.

Day, months, years, no one quite knew the amount of time it took to traverse to the other side because no one really bothered to come back to tell.

Assuming they made it out of course.


In the beginning of the tunnel crawl the party kept careful watch of hours, days and general passage of time.

Before long however all time seemed to blend into itself and no one remembered when they started or just how long they had been inside the abyss.

But then a light began to shine through on the opposite side.


Welcome Home

Waking up in a land where time is no longer relative. The clouds shield my flesh from the searing sun. The wind comforts me with it’s gentle breeze. My eyes look out into the horizon and I see fields of freedom.

I didn’t realize it’s magic until I was long gone. In the pictures I captured I saw signs of this truth. In my memories I can recall when a candle in the sky flared and waned amongst the stars.

Did it even exist?

Back in Babylon I ponder. But when I sneeze I can see the tiny specks of soil decorating the tissue and I know it was true. When I grow sad because I am no longer amongst the people I remember the soil that still clings to my lungs, because of this we will never be departed. Until the next time when I can once again run with Wind, talk to my brother Bear and chill in the net hanging from the sky, I wait patiently…

Occupation AT&T

Walking briskly through the chilled air almost to a trot I turned the corner of 675 West Peachtree St to reach my destination. What awaited me was the protestation of AT&T. The head honchos at AT&T decided to lay off over 700 workers even while obtaining incredible profits this season. They thought this act would go unnoticed but Occupy Atlanta was there to prove otherwise. Shortly after my arrival the 12 protestors inside the AT&T building were arrested while staging a sit in. Their crime? Demanding AT&T rehire the hundreds of workers they themselves displaced.

After leading the arrestees to an alternate exit, I raced with others around the side of the building in a mad dash to find the location of our allies. Three huffs and four puffs later, we eventually found the arrestees but they were already loaded in a paddy wagon. Not being able to speak physically to our friends we did the next best thing and cheered them on from the outside before jumping in front of the vehicle.  Using our bodies as obstacles we delayed the officers for a while until they eventually muscled through and down the street. With the arrestees gone, the protest lasted for a few more hours until we packed up for the day.

Some of us pitched tents and stayed the night. During this time the arrestees were finally released and joined us much to the delight of all. My first nights sleep outside the AT&T building was cold, wet, and crampy and day break couldn’t have come sooner. When it did we were greeted by the sounds of whistles and chants. The Teamsters, Grandmothers for Peace, Jobs for Justice and other  like minded  organizations brought in heavy reinforcements to help aid the fight. The rally against AT&T began anew as we marched in a symbolic circle in front of the building demanding AT&T show some love and right their wrongs. The activity continued for some time until finally we relocated to the eastern side of the building and had a speak out. Once the last words of the final sentences had been uttered the event came to an end, at least for me anyway.

The following day was rich in sunshine and optimism. Our numbers had dwindled to a small few but what we lacked in mass we made up for in personality and persistence. Passing out fliers and pamphlets as if there would be no tomorrow, we managed to attain an incredible level of outreach. It got to the point where AT&T employees and even a couple of police officers came down to compliment us and show what little support they could while still on the clock.

As for the future of the AT&T occupation, no one but Mother Time quite knows how it will fare. I am certain however that if AT&T and other companies continue to engage in unwarranted layoffs the 99% will be there and our voices will be heard. From Oakland to Timbuktu Occupy will fight  for you.

-Cai Otee