Forest of Random

One day a young boy pleaded to the forest spirits to speak to his deceased sister.

The spirits answered his plea and returned his sister back to life but there was a catch.

The spirits demanded tribute in the form of an elusive flower called the pearl sun.

If the boy could retrieve the flower then the spirits would use it’s nectar to glue the girl’s soul permanatley to her body but if the boy failed, his soul long with his sisters would become property of the forest spirits.

The duo accepted the challenge and into the forest of Random they ventured.

Many hours passed but the duo could not find the flower.

Sadness over took the girl as she contemplated her demise.

While taking a break to fetch water from a stream, the boy stumbled upon gold floating alongside the bank.

He was too loud however and awoke a nearby sleeping giant.

The giant did what all giants do and squashed the boy to him but was a bug.

Just a few yards away from the stream, the pearl sun flower the duo searched so tirelessly for remained untouched.

Because of this, the girl’s soul drifted back into the night sky.

And the boy who tried so hard descended into the abyss of the forest.

The darkness in time transforming him into a creature of the night.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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