Today the universe smiled and tipped its hat to me in approval.
At the time I wasn’t aware of my metamorphosis
It took the wisdom of an older brother to form into words the emotions I felt in my soul.
The seeds of his words didn’t fully bloom however until I roared them to life with the statement “I don’t care what they do they aren’t taking this house!”
I once thought I was on the path of the serpent.
Is it possible that coyotes can grow into lions?
In all my years never would I have thought to see the coyote who grew into a lion.
Never would I have thought that this coyoleon would be me
shaking down the barriers of the evolutionary tree



Today started off pleasant enough. Woke up beside the kid, met some people interested in the movement and was surrounded by friends and allies. Didn’t think anything would go wrong till an 11 Alive news van pulled up alongside the Dekalb occupation site. This seemingly innocent event unbeknowest to me would lead to the worst interview of all time.

Words can’t describe how bad it was. I won’t even try to talk about it. Not because I don’t want to but because I literally can’t. My brain is already wipping my mental database clean of th entire ordeal. Currently I can only remember bits and pieces, by tomorrow the whole ordeal will be a blur of swirls and sploshes reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting. All I can say is that  the entire channel 11 news (and no offense to the mentally challenged) probably think I’m a retarded person.


My day started off normally at first. Woke up, bruhed my teeth, and hoped in the shower. Before I could even put my sponge underneath my armpit my kid sis yells from the opposite side of the door informing me that the police had showed up to the occupation aided with a helicopter. I jump out the shower and join my allies outside for what was to be a north korea south korea stare down. What I men by this s that the police sent down various amounts of police units to sit at the end of the roadand play sentry while the copters circled the house above. Reinforcements came from all sides however to show solidarity. After a quick canvass of the neighborhood to let the community know what was happening, I went back to the occupation zone before reluctntly heading back to work. The job was a different kind of war.

My boss’ boss was on duty today and while it was only my 3rd day on the job I swore that I’d flip my shit if this crazy lady came at me the wrong way. She was the kind of typical retail manager, you know, a real asshole that had to have their way and if not there would be hell to pay. Managed to keep my cool till she left. I got off an hour later and headed back to the mission of defending homes.


But What Do I Know

As humans we could all come to a common understanding with the absence of ego.

I’ve found that ego grows stronger with age. As children we are constantly reminded to

wait our turn, listen before speaking, and that we don’t know everything. As adults however

our elders have died or outlived their usefulness so instead we become the new elders and we mentor the neo youth.

But what if no one ever died?

What if at 50 years old our grandmother of 150 was still alive and well? Wouldn’t they yet still remind you to wait your turn and listen beefore speaking? At 150 years of age they would remind us that at 50 years old we are still children, that there is still much to learn.

Maybe if we as adults kept with us the spirit of humbleness it would crack the walls of ego and allow the soothing winds of understanding to wash over us.

But what do I know, I’m still just a child…



So, You Got (Wo)Man-Handeled by A Cop…

Easy to follow steps to make their job harder.

We all know the deal by now. Cops are above the law. Touching one, even accidentally can land you with a felony charge and an extended stay in federal fuck me in the ass prison. Since we can’t touch cops without them overreacting, shouldn’t we do the same?

What I’m saying is anytime an officer touches me I’ll be going into “4th quarter of the western conference finals NBA playoff foul mode.”

To my geek, nerd, and otaku friends, what I mean by this is anytime a cop touches you, lower your power level to 5. That’s low enough for a simple nudge to become a shoove but strong enough to defend yourself against farmers with shotguns.

To my pro wrestling aficionados, what I’m saying is whenever a cop touches you put on a black and white stripped tee and act like Andre le’ Giant hit you with a steel chair. Can you dig it, sucka?


In response to fee hikes, tuition increases, HOPE cuts, bans on undocumented students, and other malarky, Occupy GSU shut it down with an early morning walk out. Smuggling our forces inside the building we spread like a wildfire, descending down six floors demanding students wake up from their apathetic slumber and participate.

In this moment I’ve realized I’m everything I’ve ever wanted to be. I’m living the life of my dreams.

During a speak out in the courtyard an ally was arrested for what not currently sure but whatever the charge I’m most certain it was ludicrous. After the speak out we massed up and marched to the board of regents meeting, the womb of where all horrible GSU decisions are born. We were warned beforehand that any chants would result in arrest. Luckily all that college education came into effect and we found creative alternatives to disrupt the their meeting.

The board tired of our games invited one of our own to speak. Instead we all mic checked our message as one. Later that night we had one mission left for the day, a noise demo for our comrades still behind bars as a result of the chase protest. I wasn’t there personally so I can’t take an account for what happened but word on the street was a certain set of traffic lights were left inoperative.