So, You Got (Wo)Man-Handeled by A Cop…

Easy to follow steps to make their job harder.

We all know the deal by now. Cops are above the law. Touching one, even accidentally can land you with a felony charge and an extended stay in federal fuck me in the ass prison. Since we can’t touch cops without them overreacting, shouldn’t we do the same?

What I’m saying is anytime an officer touches me I’ll be going into “4th quarter of the western conference finals NBA playoff foul mode.”

To my geek, nerd, and otaku friends, what I mean by this is anytime a cop touches you, lower your power level to 5. That’s low enough for a simple nudge to become a shoove but strong enough to defend yourself against farmers with shotguns.

To my pro wrestling aficionados, what I’m saying is whenever a cop touches you put on a black and white stripped tee and act like Andre le’ Giant hit you with a steel chair. Can you dig it, sucka?


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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