But What Do I Know

As humans we could all come to a common understanding with the absence of ego.

I’ve found that ego grows stronger with age. As children we are constantly reminded to

wait our turn, listen before speaking, and that we don’t know everything. As adults however

our elders have died or outlived their usefulness so instead we become the new elders and we mentor the neo youth.

But what if no one ever died?

What if at 50 years old our grandmother of 150 was still alive and well? Wouldn’t they yet still remind you to wait your turn and listen beefore speaking? At 150 years of age they would remind us that at 50 years old we are still children, that there is still much to learn.

Maybe if we as adults kept with us the spirit of humbleness it would crack the walls of ego and allow the soothing winds of understanding to wash over us.

But what do I know, I’m still just a child…




2 responses to “But What Do I Know

  1. Agreed. I don’t exactly know how to express it other then simply saying I KNOW I don’t have all the answers. Actually, I want it to stay that way. Without exploration and learning, I wouldn’t really have anything else to do. I don’t think it’s even possible for anyone to know everything…..To me, humility is a scarce commodity that I think has lost its meaning along the way. Mostly from so many people claiming to be humble I suppose….Anyway, I believe everyone is always a work in progress and I don’t try to seem like one but I know I give off the persona of a know-it-all. (But in reality I’m not too impressed with those who have all the answers either….) Humility is something that I deeply value so that is something I will continue to strive for. Good post!

  2. I agree with you That Guy, life is nothing without the struggle. I don’t know you but it’s possible that people may be confusing your self confidence with the persona of a know it all. Glad you liked the post and I hope you stick around for more.

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