My day started off normally at first. Woke up, bruhed my teeth, and hoped in the shower. Before I could even put my sponge underneath my armpit my kid sis yells from the opposite side of the door informing me that the police had showed up to the occupation aided with a helicopter. I jump out the shower and join my allies outside for what was to be a north korea south korea stare down. What I men by this s that the police sent down various amounts of police units to sit at the end of the roadand play sentry while the copters circled the house above. Reinforcements came from all sides however to show solidarity. After a quick canvass of the neighborhood to let the community know what was happening, I went back to the occupation zone before reluctntly heading back to work. The job was a different kind of war.

My boss’ boss was on duty today and while it was only my 3rd day on the job I swore that I’d flip my shit if this crazy lady came at me the wrong way. She was the kind of typical retail manager, you know, a real asshole that had to have their way and if not there would be hell to pay. Managed to keep my cool till she left. I got off an hour later and headed back to the mission of defending homes.



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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