4.26.12 Coke & Bullets

Crashing Coca Cola Shareholders Meeting

It was a Thursday morning. The time was 7am. The climate cold ass fuck. All these factors contributed greatly to my morning rage. But that was good because today was the morning of the yearly annual Coca-Cola Shareholders meeting. A magical time of the year when all the coke heads gather round the big screen tv as MuhtarKentfills their heads with propaganda and half truths. And if gorging yourself on bullshit isn’t enough to satiate your appetite, the coke heads offer all the free diabetes enhancing coke products blood money can buy.

The actually share holders meeting was truly a spectacle to behold. It was as if I was an outsider to a cult like phenomenon. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was defiantly some kind of secret ritual going on behind the scenes. Had to be. How else can you explain why hundreds of people can turn a blind eye to the long history of murders of coca cola union organizers in Guatemala and Columbia at the hands of paramilitary or the inhumane working conditions that coca cola employees have to face overseas. Honestly, how can you justify paying someone one dollar an hour for a 15 hour shift and still try to portray yourself to the world as a friendly, family oriented company. “If I could buy a world a coke” my ass.



Don’t wanna say too much more about the meeting because honestly I still get irked by just thinking about it. They say there’s a special type of hell for different sins. If there is indeed a hell for sellouts and corporate greed mongerors then there is no doubt in my mind it is the very same Coca Cola shareholders meeting I was privy to.

 For more information… http://killercoke.org/



Cop Watch

Returning home from the mass strategy meeting, we passed by a crime scene littered with cops at a local gas station. When the question was brought up as to whether or not we wanted to patrol there was a moment’s silence. We were all Cop Watch trained but none of us had ever been out on patrol. We soon moxied up however and decided to go back to headquarters to gear up and then head back for patrol. Back at headquarters we quickly discussed tactics and assigned roles. Our ragtag quartet armed with some crappy cell phone cameras and 2 cop watch shirts were quickly back on the scene.

We talked to the three figures on the side of the road who we learned was the family of one of the witnesses being detained. They didn’t know much about the situation other than that there was a shooting caused by an argument between two parties and that their grandson was a witness. We advanced towards the crime scene to gather more information from the police but as usual they claimed to know nothing and that the grandson would not be released until the detective had finished accessing the scene.

Within that time we consoled the family and met two complete strangers who came out to document the situation. These two were connected with the neighborhood watch programs of the area so we quickly exchanged information for possible partnership in the future. A few hours later the cops finally released all witnesses and we faded off into the night.

Our first night on patrol and we managed to solve the majority of our outreach problems and put in a good report with the community. A sweet ending to the beginning of a bitter day.


From Austin to Cairo and the Gravity Inbetween

What is this fear that grips @ my soul and paralyzes me?

That which prohibits me from translating to words my emotions or intention to action?

Fuck this shit.
Any minute now I’ll make a witty joke to disguise the pain felt internal
What’s more pathetic is that I have to fucking document it in this journal
Maybe it’s all in my head
If only I could be so lucky
I want to puke my heart out
Then stab it with a 6inch blade
I can’t breathe
Why is this driving me insane
Why do I care
Logically it makes no sense
Since when do lone stars yearn for pyramids under the sun?

Morning Flame

Too many people want to be the spark that ignites the flame

to teach the next wave what they need to know in order to win the war

that scenario takes too long for me

i don’t want to see change the next generation

i don”t want to pass off my responsibilities to the next person in hopes he can finish the task

i want to end this fight now

i wanna be the mother fucker who drives the stake through the heart of the beast

and i want more people to want to be that person as well

i once thought this protagonistic desire was a bad thing

i mistook this sense of duty for pompousness 

who was i to dream fanciful tales of greatness?

who was i to not? 

all the while i knew what this sense of doubt was 

but i was too ashamed to admit 

it was fear telling me these things to hold me back from what i should become

fear made up these words and titles to de-galvanize me from what i knew i should do

fuck fear

when the moment is right i”ll be ready

and i hope you are too

welcome to the future

the future is  now


Dedicated to all the flames who burn brightest in the night.



Time: 9amish

Location: 3662 Wellhaun rd, Decatur, Ga, 30034

I awoke this morning to two men shouting the word “Occupiers.” Initially thinking they were just being ass holes I ignored them. It wasn’t until they further elaborated stating that a Marshall was at the house that I popped out of my tent and sprung into action. The Marshalls car was parked deep into the driveway and I cursed myself at how I could let a thousand pound vehicle sneak past me. With my camera in hand I recorded the cop as he asked us the whereabouts of the home owner.  After getting no response he slowly backed out the driveway and down the end of the neighborhood. A friend and I followed and watched as the officer’s car remained stationary at the end of the street.

We deduced that the was most likely calling for reinforcements so he ran back to the house to get ready for what was to come. Without speaking we all spontaneously seperated into different teams. The media team dialed numbers to call in reinforcements, the sentries stood by the driveway keeping an eye out on the house, and I ran to and fro like a man possessed throwing every random item I could find in front of the main door to build a barricade.

Our nightmares were quickly made reality as 8 police cars entered the the neighborhood. The officers parked their cars and exited their vehicles. Another friend, for his own protection I will not use his legal name, lets call him Michael Olszewski, transformed himself into a tent monster (google it) and like a lone fucking wolf  marched in front of the police officers and stood his ground. The officers told him to step back to which he did, at a snails pace, back down the street. By the time Mike made it to the driveway the house was sufficiently barricaded and even the neighbors in the community came out of their houses to film and act as witnesses.

In the end however, as Mike stood on the driveway, clearly legally on the homeowners property to which we were all guests to, he was arrested on charges of obstructing traffic or some bullshit similar to that. The cops striped him of his tent suit and led him away while disregarding the protests of the people they claim to protect. This story has a happy ending however as near the end of a very stressful day we bonded Mike out and celebrated with a pizza dinner.

For any undercovers or on-dutys that may just be randomly reading this post as they claimed to be randomly patrolling the neighborhood earlier today, You WON’T be taking this house. Not today, not tommorow, not next month or even in a year. Your unjust laws we do not respect and your badges we do not fear. You police the people but we the people police you. The days of idly standing by while innocent citizens bowed at your mercy are over. We are the people, we are the power, and you are nothing more but a dying relic of a past soon to be forgotten.


part 1



part 2



part 3

Adventures in Retail 4.4.12

Note: for those unaware. I got a new job. Its a cool gig,I get to work with animals, whatever. Only problem is the owner of the store is a dick. My cool boss is absent for today meaning its me and her highness alone for 3hrs. And so it begins…

I get there 10min late. I already know I’m gunna hear some shit about it so I make a preemptive strike 20min ago by calling and blaming my tardiness on account of the bus breaking down because of a broken window. Technically I’m not lying because last night my bus did stall of the very same excuse I used today. I jst never differentiated todays bus with yesterdys. I’m not a bad person, I jst grew up in a capitalistic democratic dictatorship.

1st thing she makes me do is sweep. Awesome, no biggie. I finish sweeping and return the stuff inside and she tells me to put it up cuz she has to “check my work.” Really dude? Ur gunna check how well I swept a sidewalk? She checks and surprise surprise I didn’t do it the way she likes. She says “usually when we clean the sidewlk we make sure to get all the leaves” to which I reply (the words I only say mentally I leave in parenthesis) well (mother fucker) how do you combat wind resistance because the wind is gonna continuously blow in new debris to which she replys “oh, I can tell the difference between.”

OH REALLY?! You can fucking tell when the wind blows and exactly how many leaves and sediments it blows onto the sidewalk? That’s quite the fucking marvel. Have u considered a career in crime fighting? Maybe entry level detective work? The rest of the day continued with minor skirmishes. Just another adventure in retail.