Adventures in Retail 4.4.12

Note: for those unaware. I got a new job. Its a cool gig,I get to work with animals, whatever. Only problem is the owner of the store is a dick. My cool boss is absent for today meaning its me and her highness alone for 3hrs. And so it begins…

I get there 10min late. I already know I’m gunna hear some shit about it so I make a preemptive strike 20min ago by calling and blaming my tardiness on account of the bus breaking down because of a broken window. Technically I’m not lying because last night my bus did stall of the very same excuse I used today. I jst never differentiated todays bus with yesterdys. I’m not a bad person, I jst grew up in a capitalistic democratic dictatorship.

1st thing she makes me do is sweep. Awesome, no biggie. I finish sweeping and return the stuff inside and she tells me to put it up cuz she has to “check my work.” Really dude? Ur gunna check how well I swept a sidewalk? She checks and surprise surprise I didn’t do it the way she likes. She says “usually when we clean the sidewlk we make sure to get all the leaves” to which I reply (the words I only say mentally I leave in parenthesis) well (mother fucker) how do you combat wind resistance because the wind is gonna continuously blow in new debris to which she replys “oh, I can tell the difference between.”

OH REALLY?! You can fucking tell when the wind blows and exactly how many leaves and sediments it blows onto the sidewalk? That’s quite the fucking marvel. Have u considered a career in crime fighting? Maybe entry level detective work? The rest of the day continued with minor skirmishes. Just another adventure in retail.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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