Time: 9amish

Location: 3662 Wellhaun rd, Decatur, Ga, 30034

I awoke this morning to two men shouting the word “Occupiers.” Initially thinking they were just being ass holes I ignored them. It wasn’t until they further elaborated stating that a Marshall was at the house that I popped out of my tent and sprung into action. The Marshalls car was parked deep into the driveway and I cursed myself at how I could let a thousand pound vehicle sneak past me. With my camera in hand I recorded the cop as he asked us the whereabouts of the home owner.  After getting no response he slowly backed out the driveway and down the end of the neighborhood. A friend and I followed and watched as the officer’s car remained stationary at the end of the street.

We deduced that the was most likely calling for reinforcements so he ran back to the house to get ready for what was to come. Without speaking we all spontaneously seperated into different teams. The media team dialed numbers to call in reinforcements, the sentries stood by the driveway keeping an eye out on the house, and I ran to and fro like a man possessed throwing every random item I could find in front of the main door to build a barricade.

Our nightmares were quickly made reality as 8 police cars entered the the neighborhood. The officers parked their cars and exited their vehicles. Another friend, for his own protection I will not use his legal name, lets call him Michael Olszewski, transformed himself into a tent monster (google it) and like a lone fucking wolf  marched in front of the police officers and stood his ground. The officers told him to step back to which he did, at a snails pace, back down the street. By the time Mike made it to the driveway the house was sufficiently barricaded and even the neighbors in the community came out of their houses to film and act as witnesses.

In the end however, as Mike stood on the driveway, clearly legally on the homeowners property to which we were all guests to, he was arrested on charges of obstructing traffic or some bullshit similar to that. The cops striped him of his tent suit and led him away while disregarding the protests of the people they claim to protect. This story has a happy ending however as near the end of a very stressful day we bonded Mike out and celebrated with a pizza dinner.

For any undercovers or on-dutys that may just be randomly reading this post as they claimed to be randomly patrolling the neighborhood earlier today, You WON’T be taking this house. Not today, not tommorow, not next month or even in a year. Your unjust laws we do not respect and your badges we do not fear. You police the people but we the people police you. The days of idly standing by while innocent citizens bowed at your mercy are over. We are the people, we are the power, and you are nothing more but a dying relic of a past soon to be forgotten.


part 1



part 2



part 3


One response to “4.10.12

  1. “The days of idly standing by while innocent citizens bowed at your mercy are over. We are the people, we are the power, and you are nothing more but a dying relic of a past soon to be forgotten.”

    helllllllll yeah

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