Oh yeaaah

I once fought with patience and passion

To fill a shallow world with deeper understanding

Time passed and I realized there was no great enlightenment

Only childish egos too busy judging the houses of others

While their own began to crumble

I once fought without desire of compensation

But when I saw others begin to acquire profit

My eyes became jaded

I once fought purely out of love

But my love was taken advantage of by deceit of servitude

And my heart sank under the weight of betrayal

Too weary to continue

I closed my eyes and slept

I awoke and returned to the battlefield but I could not fight

My eyes were too glossy to see the future

My passion disintegrated to ash

And I had no heart to care either way

It was only then that I remembered

I hate this place

I want to see it burn

So busy fulfilling other people’s agendas I forgot my very own


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Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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