To Find the Rabbit Hole

Turning to and fro I could not sleep

Tiny bugs crawled over me

Physically taunting my body

Vocies in the distance

Stimulated my mind back to awareness

I listened silently

Eagerly lapping up what info I could over the loud noises of the tv

Alas I couldn’t lie still any longer

I walked over and joined their circle

This was to be an exhibition of the minds

The first introductory test to see where we stood

I suppose I impressed my mu3alims

They took me to the common room

And revealed to me uncommon knowledge

Another test passed and I was invited to take a walk

A walk I will never forget

While we treed through the darkness

Morsels of truth were fed to me

Though tasty there was a deep fear

For even the sweetest candy can cause cavities

If not eaten properly

I returned from my walk feeling a new being

This was the first step into a school

My life time I waited to enroll

A school of ancient mysteries

Which were stolen from me centuries ago

But now I reclaim


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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