Pump It Up: Episode 0

Strength, Courage, and Wisdom

Months had passed now since the conquest of Sandal isle.

Pesa stared intensely at the blue disc

Running her fingers along its smooth surface

Examining every nook and cranny with her eyes

This was her father’s last gift to her before his capture

Pressing a button on the top

A cylinder of light shoots upward from the device

Then spreads itself into a fan shaped ray

Inside the ray of light

Professor Nickel Loafer

The world’s leading scientist

Also her father, reveals secret information

To the location of knowledge that can save the Isle

Gripping the soft, sneaker soles from her bag

She slaps them to her feet

Ribbon like fibers begin to sprout from the sole

Entrapping Pesa’s feet until

The soles have transformed themselves into futuristic sneakers

Now blessed with super human ability

She darts past the enemies who now terrorize the land

Defying gravity she walks the side of a mountain

And with a mighty kick, smashes rock to dust

Inside lies her prize

Activating the holo disc

She learns of the secrets her father was captured for

Walking home she knows she must make a choice

She wants to do the right thing but it’s impossible

Why would her father leave it up to her?

The pleas of a young mother bring her back to reality

It wasn’t enough the vandals took over the island

Now the sector cops relished in bullying the people they conquered

One mother, one child, surrounded by five sector cops

The market place is full of onlookers

They outnumber the sector cops

They could make a difference

Instead they choose to watch as the harassment continues


A voice shouts for justice from the crowd

Pesa is surprised to find the source of the protester

Her very own tongue

The sector cops now find a new toy to play with

They mass around Pesa and order her to leave

Pesa folds her arms

A flash of anger shoots through her psyche

Giving her the courage to defy the orders of her oppressors

A sector cop grabs her shoulders

With a heave he pushes her

Still Pesa refuses to move

All his buddies join in now

Five men vs one girl

One girl equipped with gravity defying sneakers that is

With each push they make

The polyaimer grip on her soles clings the earth harder

The event soon becomes a spectacle

The people who were once afraid

Now laugh in the face of their oppressors

The laughter quickly turns to confidence

That confidence then to rage

The sector cops retreat in fear

Pesa is celebrated as a hero

Her nonviolent protest was the example they needed

To inspire their hearts with revolution

The same energy was transpired into Pesa

She knew now what she must do

Her father wouldn’t rot in a cell a day longer

She would make sure of that


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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