Pump It Up: Episode 1:

The King and I


“Here ye, here ye! All who dwell in the domain of Lord Jamal Usurper King. Today is the day of the prestigious Basket Brawl Tournament! Noeth blood noeth foul, deux un deux via the half court, maketh yee taketh yee, these are the rules of thy game. All who dare enter sign thy waiver and enter thy arena!”

These were the words the referee said unto the crowd

A cruel game none other than the King could have imagined

To winner goeth the spoils but the vanquished doomed to a life of labor in the prisons

Any man who dare enter this challenge surely had nothing left to lose

They’d be a fool to think the King honor his word

Such were the words I said to myself as I signed my name on the dotted line

I was one of these men yes but the riches were not my goal

I had my sights on another prize

The spectators gathered around the Blackest Top as the cage lowered

The top coiled with razor wire, through its chain links weapons dangled

The cage was to make sure no man left until a victor was crowned

Many matches had now gone by and they were brutal as expected

There was no skill to be had amongst the most of them

Just hooligans with ample size

Crushing their opponents with injuries as to win by default

My turn was next now and I was against one of these very men

The Tooth they called him

His name given by the very thing he took from his opponents

Though dangerous

He was just like all the other vagrants who entered this tournament

All brawn and no brain

It was a hard fought match, one in which I nearly lost my head

But my skills proved true

This same pattern of victory was repeated until at last

I was the last baller left

My final opponent, the King himself

My heart sank to the depths of my soul fore I knew victory was impossible

I had only one chance

A great power of the tongue I possessed

But this sword of jest had to be used with expertise

Fore the wrong stroke meant my head

The King and I dueled and he won as expected

I chastised him, challenging his title as false

I dared the King to remove his Jumpman sneakers, the source of his ability

“The only reason I taste defeat is because of your Jumpmans fore without I’d school thee!”

Hush rushed over the crowd fore no one had ever criticized the King as such

Their eyes transfixed on him now to see his response

Shit! He ordered his guards to apprehend me and at once I knew my plan had failed

That is when I lost all control of my filter

My tongue swung to and fro desperately until I hit a nerve

I had insulted the only thing sacred in his profane existence

His mother

The King slowly slipped out of his sneakers and advanced towards center line

With a flick of his wrist he ordered my captures to release me

With a wave of the finger he motioned for me to come

I obeyed

Now twas the King and I

Standing head to pelvis

The King forcefully checks me the ball

I had no more use for my tongue

Ability now would be my only saving grace

Unfortunately I had not enough to win this dual even with the King desoled

So I did what any man in my position would do

I cheated

 I kicked the King as hard as I could right in his Lordship’s jewels

Followed with a basketball to his face

I scrambled to the Jumpmans

The guards doeth their best to stop me but to no avail

All it took was one single hop

I soared over thy cage

Off a street lamp

Through thy atmosphere

 Nothing but freedom


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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