1 in the Same

I am a human connected to all living things

I live to learn so that I can remember all I have forgotten

The voices of the mountains, rivers, and winds are within me and I within them

For now I am lost

When this body is eaten by the worms

Then I will be found


Memories in the Blood

 I remember

When my body was torn apart and scattered to the four corners

My severed head sat upon a pike to usher in their thanksgiving

When panthers soared across the sky and the open door had a vision

When the Ridge Party signed the treaty and the tragedy it brought

I remember

Raiding Mexicans of thier ponies and disappearing  alongside the wind

When I was given Power and bullets could not harm me

When the exodus north and the tears that salted the soil

I remember

In ”71 we marched the trail of broken treaties and for 71 days fought for soverignty

Buring my Buddy at wounded knee

I remember

What has passed  and more to come

Because my blood will not allow me to forget

We are still here,  will shall remain

Planet G: Letter 9


Wind Diaries

     There was only one airstrip in all of Cuidad and Dazheao was seen heading in that direction. Suchi and I joined Thiago’s resistance fighters and we sped to the air strip. Thiago knew that Dazheao would be protected by the local government once arriving at the airstrip so he called in all his favors from the local gangs. We all listened intently on the walkie as one of the gangs found Dazheao and chased him in a high speed pursuit. The sounds of snapping twigs, gunshots and then screeching rubber was heard followed finally with a crash and then silence.

We caught up to the scene soon and found a jeep parked on it’s side leaking fluids and a black van with its tires shot out not too far away. The bodies of the gangsters and the men in the van were bloodied and drained of life. Dazheao was no where to be found. Using his power, Suchi chirped with the birds and learned that Dazheao escaped during the gunfight clutching a black suitcase. The birds guided us overhead to the location of Dazheao and we followed.

When we caught up to him, it couldn’t have come a moment sooner because Dazheao was yards away from a small helicopter. The resistance fired but Dazheao’s friends aboard the copter returned the greeting. Everyone ran for cover as the shoot out intensified. Gripping the gun Thiago gave me before our departure, a sudden blood lust began to swell up inside of me. If Dazheao escaped my family was as good as dead.

I crouched low to the ground and advanced hastily, hiding behind every rock and tree that could shield me from the barrage of bullets. I think Thiago and Suchi both knew what I was up to because I immediately heard Thiago scream “cover him” and a heavy rain of gunfire came from ground level while all the monkeys in the trees began to fling excrement from above. The distraction was just enough for me to get closer and take my shot.

“Blam! Blamblam!” No good. The chopper began to turn it’s blades and was going airborne. Dazheao dashed to it and slung his free arm into the copter. His body and the briefcase dangled from above. I ran to the copter and felt the earth beneath me rise into the sky, elevating me high enough to latch on to Dazheao’s legs.

Dazheao screamed in agony as he fought against gravity to sustain both our body weight. The roaring of the chopper was too loud for the sound of our words to penetrate eardrums but we both knew the others intentions. He was an agent that would stop at nothing to complete his mission and I was a father who’d risk his life to protect his family. Which emotion would prevail, love or lust?

Our dangling bachata lasted for a while but Dazheaos grip was getting dangerously weak We were now hundreds of feet in the air. The type of elevation where you can see your house, and all the other houses of three towns contained in a single patch of land. Dazheao would have to choose soon, his life or his mission. he chose the former and released his grip on the briefcase.

I watched the black container fall solemnly through the sky and then glanced back up in horror. The hand that once held the briefcase was now holding a pistol. Fire and smoke burst through the barrel quickly filling my body with a paralyzing pain. My grip loosened to nonexistence and I felt the wind take me.

When you begin to stray trust the wind to guide your play,


Desires of the Flesh

What is it that makes the body attractive? Why are the ripples of my abdomen pleasing to the eye? I understand attractiveness at a primitive level. I understand the reproductive organs are pleasing to the sexes because humans are programmed to reproduce. But what about everything else?

Why are full lips so seductively magnetic? Why are the pupils of the eye hypnotizing to the soul? Why is the soft flesh of the neck the perfect target for the circular clogging of blood? What is it about lengthy legs and bulging biceps that would have you submit to their constricting grip like the prey of a boa?

Wrists, feet, cheeks, ears, every body part seems to have it’s own unique power of seduction. I pondered this question for a while until I came to the conclusion I had too much time on my hands. Why question the pleasures of the flesh for they are many. Isn’t it better yet to just enjoy them?

Perhaps. Or maybe I’m just picking at the scab of my humanity, trying to see if there is something divine underneath

Illusion of Intelligence

In western society we are taught that certain subjects must be memorized and known in order to be an intellectual. Usually a dismissive nature is given to alternate or unorthodox trains of thought. But who is to say that one value is greater than another?


A person living in poverty may have little use for politics while a wealthy person would need no knowledge of survival skills. Be wary before judging others of superficial intelligence that you think you poses. One simple change of environment can shatter everything you know to be true.

How can an individual claim complete intellectual dominance over another without knowing the other’s full scope of intellect? Such generalization is invalid. There may be lessons that one knows over another but the same is true for the other therefore an individual can never truly be more intelligent than another.

The best they can do is cast an illusion of superiority over a docile mind.

Planet G: Letter 8

Flame Diaries

     The guards looked at each other and smirked when they saw the seriousness of my eyes. The energy welled up inside of me again and the ground began to tremble. The interrogators looked around in bewilderment and tightened the grip around their guns. A pillar of earth shot up from underneath me, elevating me above my captors. But I used too much power , crashed into the ceiling, then plummeted to the floor.

The interrogators now in a mad frenzy all aimed their guns at me as I lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. That’s when the door burst open and in barged a man wearing military boots and camouflage. Upon his shoulder was Suchi. I had never been happier to see a monkey than at that instant. The man shouted at the interrogators to lower their arms which they did, reluctantly. The man then helped me from my feet and released me from bondage.

“Sorry for all of this,” he exclaimed. “I am Thiago Mirabel, the leader of this resistance.” Thiago revealed to me that the man I thought I knew as Shou was actually an undercover agent sent by the state to retrieve intelligence on the farmer’s market. When Shou learned of my seeds he called in reinforcements and together they conned me into selling them the seeds. Now some of the few remaining seeds left on the planet not tainted by the FDA’s needle were in the hands of the enemy. If they didn’t retrieve them soon then the planet’s last hope of returning to an organic nature would be lost forever. “You have a great power that can help us restore the balance, will you help us,”  Thiago asked. All eyes were now on me.

“I can’t,” I replied. Thiago you have all these men at your disposal, my daughter only has me. My only mission is to save her from her illness.”

“It’s more than that now,” exclaimed Thiago. “Shou or as we know him, Qin Dazhaeo is a skilled manipulator. Did you tell him anything about your personal life? About where you grew up, where you live currently, the make up of your family?”

I remained silent.

“If you did your family is already in danger. Once the state knows of their location they will hold them for ransom and demand more seeds.”

“There are no more seeds”, I exclaimed.

“Do you think the state will believe that? They’ll torture you, bleed you dry of all the information you know then throw you in a prison to rot if you’re lucky.”

There was an icy chill in the air and I was unable to reply to Thiago’s words because I knew them to be true. Suchi gently pulled my finger with his hand and with a heavy sigh I extended my hand and gripped Thiago’s.

Beware the flame of betrayal,