Planet G: Letter 1

I have come from beyond the border and faced many hardships to get where I am now. To finally meet you all is an honor beyond words. I hope that in hearing my tale you understand my mission and why I cannot accept defeat. For those who have never lived under the tyranny of the State, I will start at the very beginning.



No one saw it coming until it was too late. One by one the corporations began controlling every aspect of our lives. Education, religion, even the foods we ate, nothing was sacred. It was now against the law to read from texts that were not officially endorsed by the Department of Education. Practicing medicine or even growing your own food would serve you time in prison by the Food and Drug Administration. And forget about protesting your rights. The 1st Amendment was the first to go out the window followed by all the others and finally the constitution itself.

There are only two types of existence now. Slavery under the State or freedom under the stars. Both come at a heavy price. I was just another slave stater up until a few months ago. That’s when I stumbled upon my Great Grandfathers’ old jacket. In it containing pre-genetically engineered seeds and a jade ring.

The seeds could take care of my family for generations making us wealthier than the corporations but they’d also get us killed just as fast. Not to mention finding a buyer with the stacks necessary. I was all ready to toss the tiny burdens before they gave me trouble until my daughter Tutsi caught the cancer disease. The only thing remotely close to a cure was leagues beyond my price range.


That’s when I decided, I would sell the seeds to raise enough money to cure my daughter, All I needed to do is cross the border. The free lands were the home of the farmers. Approaching them could end my life but if there was anyone that could help it would be them. I never had a great relationship with my own parents and often didn’t understand the choices they made but I understand now how the love of a child can make you chase the impossible.

We are all of one  heart,



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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