Planet G: Letter 2

The Heart Diaries

Upon entering the town of Lados, I heard tales from other travelers that the farmer’s held underground markets where illegal goods were bought and traded. The farmer’s market seemed as good as any to get the seeds off my back so I decided to go there. I’ve decided to cross the border by train to the free lands. There are many with the same intention as my own. We all have different reasons for crossing over but are united in our common plight for a better life. We’ve come to regard the train as “the beast.”

The beast can easily ferry you to the free lands but can even easierly devour you. Many have lost their lives riding the beast. Some say that it is no accident, that the thunderous roar of the beast lures its victim over the edge until they are snatched away under its round teeth and devoured. I’ve also met a group of young kids traveling together.

There is a fat one named Chaco, he seems to share your spirit. The way he talks and his mannerisms remind me exactly of you Tutsi. Very soon now we will reach the free lands, I can feel it in my bones. When we arrive Chaco, Kurama, and Fe’ promised to watch over me and help me find medicine to save you. Ha! Can you imagine it? Your Dad being adopted by a band of rugrats. If there is anything that I’ve learned to be true in this life it’s that the love of children can light the darkest of despairs.

We are all of the same heart,



7 responses to “Planet G: Letter 2

  1. Can this story be extended? Really interesting…. Confusing towards the end though. Maybe it was on purpose?

    • Sorry just read part 1! It’s no longer confusing and this obviously is the extension.. awesome writing!!! Can’t wait to read more

      • Thanks. I expect Planet G to be the seed of an even grander story I’ve been working on. Hopefully capitalism sticks around a wee bit longer so I can reap the benefits.

  2. Hi, you used to write exceptional articles, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your tremendous posts. Past couple of posts are just slightly out of track! 364619

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