Planet G: Letter 4

Aqua Diaries

  Crafting the raft was easy enough. I was fortunate to receive  help from the local vagabonds that lived alongside the river. They advised me the river would swiftly take me over the border but it would be more perilous than riding the beast. The Malti river was full of pollution. The water itself toxic to the touch and the aquatic life that lived in it mutated and poisonous to the body. After sharing a meal I said my farewells and drifted down the current.

I wish I had listened to the locals. The Malti stinks of foulness to the point of sickness. A deadly combination of the heat and fumes is making me delusional. Don’t know how much more I can take. For the first time in my life I feel death creeping at my window. If this is to be my end then I beg whoever might find this letter to take pity on a father who only wanted to save his daughter.

In my jacket pocket you will find non-genetically engineered seeds and a piece of paper with the location of my family. You can keep all the money you acquire from the seeds but please provide medicine for my daughter. I have no choice now but to trust in the kindness of strangers. Now I drift upon the current and wait for the waves to carry me under.

Let the river guide you,



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