My Letter to the GA Prison Hunger Strikers

Why I write and why you should too

If I had super powers I’d fly to Jackson county prison, punch a hole in the wall, and demand proper treatment for all behind it’s bars. Unfortunately I don’t have super powers. But what I do have is a spirit full of positive energy and a pen. Maybe if enough people write letters expressing our solidarity with the victimized behind bars we can overflow the mailboxes with parchments of positivity. The recipients of those letters would be encouraged to continue their struggle knowing that their actions are not falling on deaf ears and blind eyes. And if their peers saw their strength and emulated it, one prison would shut down, then another, and another until the policy was changed from punishment to rehabilitation. Just a thought from dude with a lot of dreams.


To: Nelson, Bobby, Justin, Demetrius Preston, Quinton, Dexter, Miguel, Robert, and all other current and future freedom fighters behind bars.

I first heard about your plight a few weeks ago from various friends and activist. You guys know all too well the horrors of the prison industrial complex so I won’t bother trying to tell you about what you see and experience everyday. I want you to know that you all are an inspiration and an example of what true heroism looks like. You guys are the stuff of legend. If we were living in the days when honor and integrity meant more than money and greed people all over the state of Georgia, America, maybe even the world would sing songs of your deeds, reenact your struggle with plays, and immortalize you forever in the stars above.

Yup, if more people had the same spirit you all have been exhibiting since June 10th then I am positive the prison industrial complex would be transformed  into an institution focused on rehabilitation and the overall world would be a better place to live in. I’m going to do my part and spread your story to all my friends and family still living in the darkness. If everyone can see then no once can cast a blind eye.

The youth are the future and the future is on your side,
P.S. for more information on the Ga prison hunger strike and how you can help visit the link below

Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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